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81 Positive COVID-19 Cases in Montgomery County

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As of March 30, 2020 at 3:00pm, Montgomery County now has 81 positive cases of COVID-19, an increase of 16 from yesterday. MCPHD is now reporting 11 recoveries. (See cases below)

Montgomery County will no longer provide numbers of negative tests or those that are pending results. Since healthcare providers are only required to notify the Health District of positive results, moving forward, we want to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and truly reflective of Montgomery County.

Mass testing is not available in Montgomery County because of the scarcity of test kits. If you believe you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, the best steps to take at this time is stay home, hydrate well, and take fever-reducing medications like Tylenol. Since there are no approved treatments for COVID-19, there is no need to be tested. If your symptoms become SEVERE, please call ahead to your healthcare provider for further instructions. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1. The decision for an individual to be tested depends on the healthcare provider and the availability of tests at that location and time. At this time, it is important to follow CDC guidelines and governmental orders to STAY HOME in order to limit your contact with others.

As MCPHD continue to takes on new cases, cases will be updated daily by 3:00 p.m. on the MCPHD website at

3/30/2020 3:00pm: Montgomery County now has 81 positive cases of COVID-19, an increase of 16 from yesterday.
Photo Credit: Montgomery County Public Health


13/10/20Male40-4977356 (Montgomery)Community spreadHospitalized
23/12/20Female40-4977382 (Spring)Travel-relatedRecovered
33/12/20Male40-4977356 (Montgomery)Travel-relatedRecovered
43/14/20Female40-4977356 (Montgomery)Community spreadRecovered
53/17/20Male50-5977380 (The Woodlands)Travel-relatedRecovered
63/18/20Male40-4977382 (Spring)Travel-relatedAt Home
73/18/20Female60-6977316 (Montgomery)Community spreadAt Home
83/19/20Female40-4977385 (Conroe)Travel-relatedRecovered
93/19/20Male50-5977382 (Spring)Community spreadHospitalized
103/20/20Female50-5977365 (Porter)Community spreadRecovered
113/20/20Male90-9977382 (Spring)Community spreadAt Home
123/20/20Male50-5977382 (Spring)Travel-relatedAt Home
133/21/20Female30-3977316 (Montgomery)Community spreadAt Home
143/22/20Female40-4977381 (Spring)Travel-relatedAt Home
153/22/20Male40-4977303 (Conroe)Community spreadAt Home
163/23/20Female13-1977385 (Conroe)Travel-relatedAt Home
173/23/20Female20-2977316 (Montgomery)Community spreadAt Home
183/23/20Male50-5977380 (The Woodlands)Travel-relatedAt Home
193/23/20Male60-6977447 (Hockley)Travel-relatedAt Home
203/24/20Male30-3977382 (The Woodlands)Travel-relatedAt Home
213/24/20Female60-6977303 (Conroe)Community spreadHospitalized
223/24/20Female30-3977301 (Conroe)Community spreadAt Home
233/24/20Male50-5977382 (Spring)Travel-relatedAt Home
243/25/20Female30-3977365 (Porter)Community spreadRecovered
253/25/20Male40-4977386 (Spring)Community spreadRecovered
263/25/20Female80-8977382 (Spring)Community spreadAt Home
273/25/20Male50-5977380 (Shenandoah)Under investigationAt Home
283/25/20Male50-5977382 (The Woodlands)Travel-relatedAt Home
293/25/20Male50-5977382 (The Woodlands)Travel-relatedAt Home
303/25/20Male60-6977303 (Conroe)Community spreadRecovered
313/25/20Female40-4977380 (The Woodlands)Travel-relatedAt Home
323/26/20Female60-6977382 (Spring)Under investigationAt Home
333/26/20Male40-4977365 (Porter)Under investigationAt Home
343/26/20Male40-4977362 (Pinehurst)Community spreadAt Home
353/26/20Female40-4977356 (Montgomery)Community spreadAt Home
363/26/20Female40-4977356 (Montgomery)Community spreadAt Home
373/26/20Male30-3977384 (Conroe)Under investigationHospitalized
383/26/20Male50-5977386 (Spring)Travel-relatedAt Home
393/26/20Male60-6977385 (Conroe)Travel-relatedRecovered
403/26/20Male40-4977316 (Montgomery)Travel-relatedRecovered
413/26/20Male40-4977382 (Spring)Under investigationAt Home
423/27/20Male60-6977306 (Conroe)Under investigationHospitalized
433/27/20Male50-5977365 (Porter)Under investigationAt Home
443/27/20Male60-6977382 (Spring)Community spreadHospitalized
453/27/20Female50-5977378 (Willis)Community spreadAt Home
463/27/20Female20-2977380 (The Woodlands)Under investigationAt Home
473/27/20Male20-2977380 (The Woodlands)Community spreadAt Home
483/28/20Female40-4977386 (Oak Ridge North)Travel-relatedAt Home
493/28/20Male70-7977372 (Splendora)Community spreadHospitalized
503/28/20Male80-8977381 (The Woodlands)Community spreadHospitalized
513/28/20Female50-5977356 (Montgomery)Travel-relatedAt Home
523/28/20Female90-9977382 (The Woodlands)Community spreadAt Home
533/28/20Female80-8977382 (The Woodlands)Community spreadAt Home
543/28/20Female80-8977382 (The Woodlands)Community spreadAt Home
553/28/20Female80-8977382 (The Woodlands)Community spreadAt Home
563/28/20Male80-8977382 (The Woodlands)Community spreadAt Home
573/28/20Male80-8977382 (The Woodlands)Community spreadAt Home
583/28/20Female80-8977382 (The Woodlands)Community spreadAt Home
593/28/20Female30-3977385 (Oak Ridge North)Community spreadHospitalized
603/28/20Female50-5977316 (Montgomery)Under InvestigationAt Home
613/28/20Female50-5977386 (Oak Ridge North)Travel-relatedAt Home
623/28/20Female30-3977304 (Conroe)Under InvestigationAt Home
633/28/20Male70-7977382 (The Woodlands)Travel-relatedAt Home
643/29/20Female20-2977316 (Montgomery)Community spreadAt Home
653/29/20Female50-5977356 (Montgomery)Community spreadAt Home
663/30/20Male20-2977386 (Oak Ridge North)Travel-relatedAt Home
673/30/20Male20-2977304 (Conroe)Community spreadAt Home
683/30/20Male70-7977386 (Oak Ridge North)Travel-relatedAt Home
693/30/20Male30-3977356 (Montgomery)Travel-relatedAt Home
703/30/20Female60-6977356 (Montgomery)Travel-relatedAt Home
713/30/20Male40-4977386 (Oak Ridge North)Community spreadAt Home
723/30/20Female70-7977302 (Conroe)Community spreadAt Home
733/30/20Female70-7977386 (Oak Ridge North)Community spreadUnder investigation
743/30/20Male70-7977386 (Oak Ridge North)Community spreadUnder investigation
753/30/20Female20-2977384 (Conroe)Travel-relatedAt Home
763/30/20Female40-4977382 (The Woodlands)Under investigationUnder investigation
773/30/20Female40-4977382 (The Woodlands)Under investigationUnder investigation
783/30/20Male20-2977301 (Conroe)Community spreadAt Home
793/30/20Male40-4977381 (Shenandoah)Travel-relatedUnder investigation
803/30/20Female40-4977381 (Shenandoah)Travel-relatedUnder investigation
813/30/20Male80-8977382 (The Woodlands)Community spreadHospitalized

The current CDC recommendation is that the majority of people who contract this virus can successfully recover at home. If you start experiencing symptoms which include coughing, fever and shortness of breath, and they become severe – contact your healthcare provider. The CDC believes that symptoms of COVID-19 may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 days after exposure.

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Source: Montgomery County Public Health District