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Annual Streetscape Maintenance begins in The Woodlands

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THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS – Warmer weather is approaching, and wildflowers are beginning to bloom in and around The Woodlands. With the changing season, you might have questions regarding streetscape maintenance in the community.

The Woodlands Township maintains more than 300 miles of road rights of way and more than 600 village and neighborhood entries. These areas are maintained on various schedules depending upon the adopted standards. Maintenance standards and schedules adhere to The Woodlands philosophy of being “in harmony with nature.” 

Neighborhood entries with groundcovers and irrigated grass are maintained approximately every 10 days. The roadsides of major thoroughfares and collector streets are left as much as possible to the natural progression of Mother Nature, with some help of seeding wildflowers. Roadsides are mowed approximately 18 times per year after the wildflower season. To further enhance the maintenance standards, additional funds are allocated to provide up to three additional roadside mowing cycles per year if weather conditions warrant.


During the months of January to March, major thoroughfares such as Gosling, Lake Woodlands and Woodlands Parkway along with collector streets such as Timarron, Sylvan Forest and Shadowbend are mowed, as needed, to help ensure viable future growth of wildflowers, maintain sightlines and reduce any encroachment past the curb lines. After the start of wildflower season, generally from March to November, all roads and streets are mowed on a two-week cycle depending weather conditions. Please note, these months and dates may be modified due to the weather conditions in the given year. 

During the summer season, the roadsides may appear as though they haven’t been mowed for quite some time and look shaggy or unkempt. That shaggy appearance is often due to Bahia grass which is easily identified by its prominent V-shaped blade along with a stem or seed head that can reach up to 30 inches tall. When weather conditions bring high temperatures, rain, humidity and long growing days, Bahia can grow more than one foot high in less than a week. While it may seem unattractive in certain locations, there are benefits to this grass such as limiting soil erosion, requiring little water and fertilizer, and providing cover for wildflowers. 

The Woodlands Township encourages residents to enjoy the natural surroundings of The Woodlands. For additional information, please call 281-210-3900 or visit

Source: The Woodlands Township