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Commissioner Charlie Riley’s Outreach Program – Mech Tech Tour

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MAGNOLIA, TX – As the high school classes of 2023 prepare to step forward towards their futures, a defined group of interested students from both Magnolia High School and Magnolia West High School experienced a daylong opportunity that provided them with a revealing introduction into the world of becoming a mechanic/technician in the high-end automotive industry. This possibility, currently in its 5th year, is available by an outreach program that Commissioner Charlie Riley oversees called the Mech Tech Tour.

Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley Mech Tech Tour
Photo courtesy of Office of Commissioner Charlie Riley, Montgomery County Precinct 2.

It became apparent, after discovering the declining enrollment percentages of high school auto mechanic classes, there was a need to encourage students back into this program. Mechanics and auto technicians are critical elements in the skilled labor fields. The transportation industry relies on the efforts of these workers to keep vehicles operating at a high level of safety standards. The majority of today’s population depends on the use of a car/truck/heavy equipment.

During the 2023 Mech Tech Tour, the students visited two local businesses. Mo’ Muscle Cars provides restoration work on Classic and Muscle Cars. They are one of the top builders in the nation.

The other business was Mod Mafia Automotive. Their focus centers on the Hummer and the HMMWV platform. They challenge their highly trained employees to create and upgrade the customer’s vehicles by using mechanical skills obtained from training, experiences and education.




The teacher for the students is Brian Buchanan. He chose to include the seniors to from his automotive class that have developed a genuine interest in the field. Through his guidance, these students are receiving the benefit of the Mech Tech Tour, which this year, allowed them the opportunities to get hands on experience in welding and manipulating sheet metal to stretch, shrink, bend. The students listened intently to absorb the information that the shop owners were describing to them about the current projects that were in progress at the time of the tour.

Overall, the purpose of this tour was to open their eyes at all of the possibilities available to anyone who wants to become a mechanic/technician. There will always be a need for the skilled laborer in this field and the individual who can meet this challenge will discover a fulfilling career.