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Conroe PD Chief pays visit to young fan

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CONROE, TX – Conroe Police Department Chief Jeff Christy recently received a pleasant surprise from a young fan. Eight year old Conroe resident David Jimenez wrote a letter to the Conroe Police Department thanking the police officers for keeping the community safe.

Chief Christy Conroe Police Department 2020
David Jimenez, 8, recieved a visit Conroe Police Department’s Chief Christy after writing a letter to thank the polices officers for keeping the community safe.

On August 27, Chief Christy decided to surprise Jimenez by paying him a visit at his house. Jimenez’s eyes lit up, and he said, “I knew you would answer my letter.” Despite 48 hours of prepping for a hurricane, spending the night at the EOC monitoring its path, and planning the construction of a new training facility, Chief Christy was equally thrilled to meet David.

2020 Chief Christy Conroe Police Department letter
The letter written by Jimenez.

“Receiving a letter such as the one sent by David tugs at your heart,” said Chief Christy. “I was certainly touched by his kind words and the spirit of the note.”

“His note said that he was giving me something to remember him (A Child’s Night Prayer) – and he certainly did that. I will proudly display his poem in my office.”

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