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Conroe’s Texas Poet Laureate to Teach first Leisure Learning Class at USTMAX

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CONROE, TX – The City of Conroe’s very own Texas Poet Laureate, Dave Parsons, will be teaching the first Leisure Learning class at the micro-campus of the University of St. Thomas (USTMAX) in Conroe. Writers and those who dream of penning lines like the masters will have the opportunity to learn from the best.

Dave Parsons 2011 Poet Laureate Texas USTMAX Center Creative Writing Workshop Leisure Learning

USTMAX Center launches Leisure Learning with its first continuing education course in Conroe March 31. The 8-week Creative Writing Workshop will be taught by a living icon: 2011 Texas Poet Laureate Dave Parsons. The poet, author, and former U.S. Marine has been teaching writing at the college level since 1992. He describes himself as a “missionary for poetry inside the classroom and out.”

To those who think “poet” and “Marine” don’t fit together, Parsons says, “Think about David in the Bible, and you have the first Marine poet.”

A bronze bust of the writer is featured in Conroe’s Founders Plaza, recognizing the man who founded the Writers in Performance program and the nonprofit Montgomery County Literary Arts Council.




To those eyeing the upcoming USTMAX workshop in imaginative writing, he said, “Whether this is your first such class or if you’ve already published something, you will get what you seek. No matter what your level is, this curriculum is valuable.”

USTMAX Center Senior Director Carla E. Alsandor, Ph.D., said, “Leisure Learning brings to life part of our vision for the USTMAX Center. In addition to our other educational options, we want to provide continuing education for adults who are more interested in learning something fun and meaning full than earning college credits. This inaugural class is a perfect way to begin. Dave Parsons is well-known and well-respected in our community. As a poet and professor, he brings a depth of knowledge and experience to USTMAX. We are looking forward to welcoming him and our new students on March 31st.”

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