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Floodwater Mosquitoes After Heavy Rains and Flooding

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With our area recently receiving significant rainfall amounts, along with the warming temperatures, there will likely be an increase in the mosquito population. Notably, after heavy rain events like we just experienced a particular type of mosquito known as the floodwater mosquito, scientifically as Aedes vexans, begins to emerge in very large numbers.

Floodwater mosquitoes generally lay their eggs above the water lines in bayous, creeks, rivers, and ditches. Then, following heavy rains and related flooding, these eggs begin to hatch. The floodwater mosquito eggs can hatch at incredibly fast rates , going from egg to biting adult in approximately 7 days. 

Floodwater mosquitoes are known to be particularly aggressive biters following their hatch as they look for a bloodmeal and are also known to be excellent flyers. The floodwater mosquito can fly anywhere between 5 and up to 20 miles in some cases, whereas other types of mosquitoes generally only fly about 1/4 of a mile from their hatching site. 

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Source: Mosquito Squad of Houston