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Howard Hughes awards 32 College Scholarships to High School Graduates

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Howard Hughes has proudly awarded 32 college scholarships to high school graduates this year from Bridgeland High School, Conroe High School, The John Cooper School, Oak Ridge High School, Tomball High School, Waller High School, Willis High School, The Woodlands Christian Academy, The Woodlands College Park High School, and The Woodlands High School, as well as to six students at Lone Star College.

Through decades-long educational funding initiative that began in the 1980s, Howard Hughes has awarded nearly 470 scholarships as a result of the company’s continued support over the years. The scholarships are part of the HHCares initiative, a community-focused philanthropic funding and volunteerism program, in which Howard Hughes donates and volunteers to over 180 local causes of nonprofit organizations each year.

“We are honored to support the higher educational endeavors of these deserving scholars as they embark upon their college aspirations,” said Jim Carman, President, Houston Region for Howard Hughes.

“Howard Hughes has continued our tradition of awarding scholarships to high school graduates within our communities. Through our HHCares initiative, we look forward to continuing that momentum as future graduates emerge each year. We are proud to invest in the bright futures of tomorrow’s leaders.”

2024 High School Scholarship Recipients Howard Hughes
Photo Credit: Howard Hughes

General scholarships awarded to recent high school graduates included:

  • Brooke Ficalora, Bridgeland High School
  • Arianna Yarrish, Bridgeland High School
  • Carlos Calderon, The John Cooper School
  • Ben Knight, The John Cooper School
  • Sebastian Duarte, Oak Ridge High School
  • Callia James, Tomball High School
  • Mary Martel, Tomball High School
  • Mason Mattox, Tomball High School
  • Krisalyn Small, Tomball High School
  • Melanie Castro, Waller High School
  • Danelly Segura, Waller High School
  • James Bagwell, Willis High School
  • Grace Wilder, Willis High School
  • Rachel Smith, The Woodlands Christian Academy
  • Laylee Wood, The Woodlands Christian Academy
  • Meghan Birney, The Woodlands College Park High School
  • Cristina Peraza, The Woodlands High School

The Howard Hughes Executive Club Scholarships, in collaboration with Howard Hughes and its largest office tenants, reflect a dedication to fostering higher education:

  • Kiersten Andino Garcia, The Woodlands College Park High School
  • Nora Hiemer, The Woodlands High School

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarships, in memory of Dr. King who is honored annually at the MLK celebration tradition in The Woodlands, include:

  • Kaosisochukwu Orioha, Conroe High School
  • Aria Wesley, Oak Ridge High School
  • Abigail Graham, The Woodlands High School
  • Marium Kahn, The Woodlands High School
  • Alexander Marin, The Woodlands High School

Gerald D. Irons, Sr. Scholarships, in memory of Gerald D. Irons, Sr., a Hometown Hero in The Woodlands who was committed to education and was an executive with The Woodlands Development Company (now Howard Hughes) for over three decades:

  • Nita Kuttarappallil, Oak Ridge High School
  • Mixon Vessel, Oak Ridge High School

Howard Hughes is the developer of the award-winning master planned communities – The Woodlands, Bridgeland, and The Woodlands Hills. Many of the students residing in The Woodlands attend The Woodlands High School, The Woodlands College Park High School, The John Cooper School, and The Woodlands Christian Academy. Students living in The Woodlands’ Village of Creekside Park attend Tomball High School. Students in Bridgeland attend Bridgeland High School and Waller High School. Willis High School is the academic institution for students living in The Woodlands Hills.   

Source: Howard Hughes