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Jason J. Nelson: The Woodlands Township Candidate

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Hello Woodlands gave the opportunity to candidates running for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors to complete a written interview including the same 7 questions. View candidate’s responses to our questions, if provided.

Each position has a two-year term, is an unpaid volunteer position, and is elected at-large by voters in The Woodlands Township in both Montgomery County and Harris County. The election is scheduled for November 8, 2022. Voters must be registered to vote for The Woodlands election.


Jason J. Nelson is running for the Township Board Position 2.

1. Share your background. What originally brought you to The Woodlands?

I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could! In 2001, I moved to our great state to begin a career in education. After seven years in education (as a US History teacher, coach, and department chair), I answered the call to full-time ministry and joined the staff at Christ United Methodist Church in Sugar Land. Seven years later, my family and I moved to The Woodlands in 2013 upon being appointed as an associate pastor at The Woodlands United Methodist Church.  Currently, I serve as the lead Pastor of Rose Hill Methodist Church and as a Director on The Woodlands Township Board of Directors (Position 2). I hold BA, MA, MEd, MDiv, and DDiv (h.c) degrees. 

2. Why do you enjoy living (and working, if applicable) in The Woodlands?

My family and I love The Woodlands. This place is a little piece of paradise unique within God’s broader beautiful creation. I enjoy exploring our nature preserves, fishing in our ponds, and biking, walking and/or running on our trails. 

My wife and I have an amazing group of friends, whom we adore and who love and support us, which brings so much joy to our lives. 

I’m also very proud of the generosity of our community and the commitment by many of our churches, non-profits, and residents to help those in need. 

3. How have you served and/or how do you currently serve and contribute to our community?

As mentioned above, I have the privilege of serving this community as a pastor and currently sit on the Township Board of Directors. I am also a member of the Audit Committee, the Parks & Recreation Advisory Council, and the Law Enforcement Advisory Council. I try to make as many of our Township sponsored community events as possible and often have the pleasure of opening our events in prayer, offer a welcome, and/or serving as emcee.  

My wife (Tiffany) serves as an Executive Director for a local non-profit that rescues and redistributes food to those in need, which is very much needed and extremely inspirational. One of the great joys of my life, throughout my week, is offering words of hope and encouragement as a pastor and, another one, is serving those who are food insecure as a volunteer. 

4. What motivates you to run for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors?

I’ve worked diligently with the Board to see us through a global pandemic and help make The Woodlands the number one place to live in America two years in a row. We’re economically stronger than we have ever been and I plan to keep this momentum going. 

We just voted to lower the property tax rate to an historic low; we’ve paid off millions of dollars in debt; and, we’ve recently allocated reserves to fully fund capital improvement projects such as a new fire station and major park renovations. These actions came to fruition because we employed conservative practices—practices I tend to continue in my second term. 

It was exciting to see the results of the recent resident survey (released late summer), in which the residents of the Woodlands gave us a record high approval rating of 94%. This, of course, is also very affirming. However, there’s still work to be done, which is why I’m running for a second term and would love your support. 

5. What are 5 things that you want voters to know about you (personal, points, views, experience, etc.)?

I’m a conservative Christian, pastor, author, leadership coach and speaker. I believe we should strive to do all the good we can through service. We should seek to edify and encourage others with our words, love our neighbors, and reach out in care and concern to those in need. 

Good stewardship of our resources is extremely important to me. This is why I value fiscal responsibility and have worked diligently with our Township Board and staff to employ our funds to protect the beauty of The Woodlands, provide top level amenities and services, and keep our community a safe place for our residents to live, work, play and worship. 

6. If elected, what would your top 3 priorities as a Township Board of Director? How would you work to impact/shape the future of The Woodlands? 

Over the next two years, I look forward to working with the Board to continue our sound, fiscally conservative practices that have ushered in the level of success we enjoy today. I will take on inflation with the same tenacity I approached the global pandemic, protecting twenty-five percent of our reserves to cover operating expenses should we face another global pandemic or its equivalent. Thirdly, I will labor to further drive down our debt (and we will be debt free in the near future if we continue our current approach), while keeping our property taxes low and the quality of our amenities high. 

7. Would you like to share any other words or message to The Woodlands community?

It’s a joy representing you as a member of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors and it would be an honor to serve our beloved and beautiful community another two years. 

As we progress through this season in our lives, please know I am praying for you. May God fill your lives with grace, wisdom, compassion and, above all else, love. 

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Please note that Hello Woodlands is an unbiased, nonpartisan news source that does not support only one party or candidate. We do not accept or receive advertising or funding from any candidate, party or group. We believe in providing the community with educational information, credible facts, thoroughly researched topics and articles, and to be a voice for ALL members in our community.