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Lone Star College-Montgomery opens Digital Marketing Intelligence Center

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Lone Star College-Montgomery officially opened its Digital Marketing Intelligence Center, a creative suite enabling faculty, staff and students to monitor millions of online conversations about organizations, brands, products and services, in addition to the college’s social media networks and digital marketing campaigns.

The center has six large display screens showcasing real time data and conversations across the web, similar to a small network operations center.

“This new center is another prime example how our college is utilizing technology and analytics across all departments to boost student success, recruit, and retain students,” said Rebecca Riley, president of Lone Star College-Montgomery. “The staff in the center and the tools they use will continue to improve our marketing processes and allow us to partner with community businesses and organizations seeking marketing assistance.”

The center focuses on an area where a steadily growing population of students and their parents live, social media.


“For success in today’s media landscape, social media marketing has to be at the core of our marketing strategy,” said Brian Mullen, executive director of Public Relations and Marketing Communications at Lone Star College-Montgomery. “This new center allows our marketing team to easily review, route and respond to social media posts, and modify digital marketing campaigns in real time.”

Staff in the center utilize a dozen tracking tools to capture more than 150 million sources of conversations across all social media channels, websites, blogs and forums. A graphic display summarizing real time social media content conveys sentiment, share of voice, trend information, geolocation data and more.

“The center not only significantly improves the college’s social media experience and digital marketing efforts, but provides students with hands-on marketing experience that employers seek,” said Tony Fuller, public relations professor at Lone Star College-Montgomery.

Lone Star College-Montgomery is located at 3200 College Park Dr, Conroe, TX 77384. To learn more, visit


Source: Brian M. Mullen, Lone Star College-Montgomery