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Montgomery County Judge states will not order Public to wear Masks

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On Wednesday, April 22, Montgomery County Judge Keough issued a statement that he will not mandate the citizens of Montgomery County to wear masks while out in public.

“I will not be issuing an order mandating the wearing of mask In public places. This is my statement on the issue.”

Watch the video below released by Judge Keough :

“Earlier today we heard the news that the county judge in Harris County is ordering people to wear a mask any time they appear in public. It has been reported that Harris County will make it a crime punishable by fine or jail for not doing so.”

“Ordinarily I have stayed out of the business of other counties especially those with which we possess a good relationship. However the amount of calls coming into our county offices today whether from individuals or news agencies about possible orders being issued requiring Montgomery County citizens to do the same has been staggering.”


“As your Montgomery County Judge, in consultation with our county attorney’s office, I do not find a statutory or legal basis that would allow me or anyone else in government to issue an order requiring the citizens to wear a mask. Especially under the fear of making it a criminal offense if they don’t. If you choose to wear a mask or face covering I support your decision to do so. If you are a high-risk individual and you want to wear a mask while in public places then please do. If you choose not to wear a mask I support that decision as well.”

“However, I will not issue an order mandating the wearing of face coverings or mask in public places anywhere in Montgomery County. We will support your right to decide for yourself whether or not a face mask is necessary when you leave your home. Please continue to practice good hygiene, keeping hands clean, staying home when sick, and avoiding others who are sick and proper social distancing as recommended by the CDC.”

“If you do this we will see the end of this coming sooner than later. Thank you and God bless you and God bless Montgomery County.”

Source: Montgomery County Judge Keough