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Township Board meets, approves Capstone Park Playground Equipment and Financial Report

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The Woodlands Township shared the following recap of The Woodlands Township’s regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting held on March 27, 2024.  


The Woodlands Township Board of Directors posthumously recognized Bruce E. Cunningham with a proclamation in recognition of his many contributions to the community. Mr. Cunningham resided in The Woodlands for more than 35 years where he served in numerous volunteer roles including as President of Grogan’s Mill Village Association for eight years and as a Representative of Grogan’s Mill for 24 years. He also volunteered with the Township’s Parks and Recreation Council, Woodlands Watch, Bike The Woodlands and more. Most notably, Mr. Cunningham co-founded both The Grogan’s Mill Farmers’ Market and Aging in Place – The Woodlands. 

“I had the privilege of working with Mr. Cunningham for many years,” said Chairman Dr. Ann K. Snyder. “He was one of the most giving and honorable men that I have ever had the opportunity to work alongside.” 

Director Brad Bailey echoed Dr. Snyder’s praise. “Bruce taught us so much about the Township; he educated us daily,” he said. “The Farmer’s Market lives in his legacy because he was such a staunch advocate for it, and we cherish it to this day.”  

The Woodlands Township Board of Directors is pictured with Bruce Cunningham’s family and members of the Grogan’s Mill Village Association. The Board recognized Mr. Cunningham’s many contributions to The Woodlands with a proclamation in his memory.
Photo Credit: The Woodlands Township; The Woodlands Township Board of Directors is pictured with Bruce Cunningham’s family and members of the Grogan’s Mill Village Association. The Board recognized Mr. Cunningham’s many contributions to The Woodlands with a proclamation in his memory.


Director Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs requested to move Item 8D from the Consent Agenda to the Regular Agenda.

APPROVED – Award of proposals for playground equipment at Capstone Park (C-2024-0227), Sawmill Park (C-2024-0230) and Terramont Park (C-2024-0228)

Director of Parks and Recreation, John McGowan reviewed the agenda material with the Board. The playground equipment at these parks has been enjoyed by countless community members for numerous special events, school functions and public use, which has resulted in significant wear and tear on the playgrounds, thus necessitating their replacement. The proposed improvements at these parks include enhancements such as new swings, slides, climbing structures and more. The Township strives to replace park and playground equipment as soon as existing equipment outlives its useful life, typically within 15 years.

ACCEPTED – Financial Report for January/February 2024  
Chief Financial Officer Kellan Shaw presented the financials for the two months ending February 2024. The Township has a favorable variance of $54,880 in revenue and $4,307,271 in operating expenditures.

APPROVED – Adoption of the 2024 Budget Calendar and a related amendment to the Board of Directors 2024 Meeting Schedule 

Two proposed 2024 budget calendar options were presented for Board consideration and approval related to the 2025 budget and 2024 property tax rate.

  • The Board voted to hold their Budget Strategic Planning Session on May 16, 2024.
  • The Board voted to hold their Budget workshop meetings from August 19 -23, 2024, which provides the Board with the advantage of knowing the certified property values and no-new-revenue and voter-approval rates while making budget decisions. 

APPROVED – Appointment to the One Water Task Force

Director of Intergovernmental Relations/Assistant to the President Todd Stephens presented to the Board regarding the One Water Task Force which focuses on water-related issues affecting The Woodlands. The Township Board of Directors previously affirmed the Township’s desire to participate in a reconstituted One Water Task Force at their May 2023 Strategic Planning Session. 

  • The Board voted to appoint Director Cindy Heiser to the One Water Task Force. Director Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs abstained from voting.

ACCEPTED – Update regarding the Village Presidents’ Council
Board Secretary Linda Nelson provided an update on the Village President’s Council reporting that Township President/CEO Monique Sharp gave an update at their recent meeting about the state of the Township and its financials, programs and upcoming events. A briefing was also provided from Entergy officials on lighting issues in the community. Director Nelson pointed out the 100 percent attendance rate of the council meetings, attributing its success to Treasurer Richard Franks.

“Our Village Presidents value what is happening in these meetings, even sending a representative in their stead if they are unable to attend,” Director Nelson said. “These meetings include many lively conversations and benchmarks for villages to share.”


The Consent Agenda consists of non-controversial, or “housekeeping” items required by law. One motion with modifications, if applicable, approves for action, all items contained within the Consent Agenda. Items may be moved from the Consent Agenda to the Regular Agenda by a Board Member making such a request prior to a motion and vote. To view more information about each item, please review the Meeting Agenda online.   

The following items were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors:


Village association presidents present reports to the Board each month regarding activities and news from the villages. The following gave reports for their respective village associations:

  • Maryann Braid, Alden Bridge
  • Tricia Danto, Cochran’s Crossing

Meeting agendas, videos and more are available online at

Learn more about The Woodlands Township’s Board of Directors meetings at

Source: The Woodlands Township