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Township meets, honors Chief Mike Berryman, continues Park Ranger Hot Spot program and more

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THE WOODLANDS, TX – The Woodlands Township Board of Directors held a regular meeting on Wednesday, July 26, 2023. The Board discussed topics including the Park Ranger Hot Spot Program, the award of construction for The Woodlands Fire Department Facilities and adopted an order calling for the upcoming November Board of Directors Election and more.

The Woodlands Township honors The Woodlands Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Berryman
The Woodlands Township Board of Directors honored The Woodlands Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Berryman, center, on his retirement from The Woodlands Fire Department after 42 years of dedicated service. Pictured, front row, left to right, Township Directors Bob Milner, Brad Bailey, Kyle Watson, Chief Mike Berryman, Township Directors Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs and Richard Franks. They are joined by members of The Woodlands Fire Department, pictured, left to right, Driver/Operator John Fuller, Firefighter Travis Clifford, Firefighter Mike Garcia, Firefighter Theo Pternitis, Firefighter Stephen Rosenberger, Driver/Operator Gerard Van der Werff, Firefighter Jake Holasek, Firefighter Ricky Smith, Driver/Operator Kevin Cowham, Battalion Chief Scott Windisch, Fire Chief Palmer Buck, Assistant Fire Chief Rick Windham, Firefighter Trevan Clark, Lieutenant Chris Berg, Firefighter Rachel Wedgeworth, Assistant Fire Chief Doug Adams, Firefighter Alex Perez, Firefighter Owen Hatcher, Firefighter Daniel Rey, Firefighter Alvaro Orona, Firefighter Scott Berryman and Lieutenant Josh Thomas. Photo courtesy of The Woodlands Township.




The Board opened the meeting with a proclamation honoring The Woodlands Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Berryman on his retirement after 42 years of dedicated service to The Woodlands community. Throughout his career, he has been an instrumental part of The Woodlands Fire Department, having received the department’s highest award for bravery for a rescue during Tropical Storm Allison, among other awards and accomplishments. Chief Berryman’s son Scott is also a Woodlands firefighter.

On the Regular Agenda, the Board agreed to continue the Park Ranger Hot Spot Program in the Wendtwoods Park area after residents raised concerns regarding sound levels coming from the park.  The Park Ranger Hot Spot Program calls for park rangers to conduct nightly visits, monitor sound levels and ensure compliance with noise-restricting rules. In direct response to the concern of residents, the Board took various actions to mitigate sounds emanating from the park area, including reforestation to create an enhanced buffer between homes and the basketball and tennis courts, adding signs prohibiting amplified sound on the court, installing buzzers/timers and lighting features that automatically turn off after hours, installing backboards with more structural support to lessen the sound, and adding cameras.

On a Supplemental Agenda, the Board adopted an order calling for the upcoming election on November 7, 2023, for the purpose of electing three (3) members (positions 5, 6 and 7) to The Township Board of Directors. Each position is for a two-year term and is a volunteer, non-compensated role. The order designates Township Secretary Laure Morgan as the Township’s Election Agent and authorizes staff to execute contract agreements with both Montgomery and Harris Counties for administration of the election polling sites allowing voters to vote on state and county elections simultaneously.




The Board received quarterly updates from Law Enforcement for the second quarter of 2023. 
View the Montgomery Co. Sherriff’s Office 2nd QRT Public Safety Report
View the Montgomery Co. Precinct 3 Constable’s Office SVU 2nd QRT Report

The Board also reviewed the six-month financial report ending June 30, 2023. 
View the Six-Month Financial Report ending June 2023

In addition, the Board approved an award of contract to Brookstone Construction for The Woodlands Fire Department Facilities, and Treasurer Richard Franks provided an update regarding the Village President’s Council.

On the Consent Agenda, which consists of routine housekeeping items that do not require Board discussion, the Board received reports from Law Enforcement and Community Policing for June 2023, approved the Montgomery County Tax reports, approved Resolution No. 012-23 pertaining to casting votes for the Montgomery Central Appraisal District Special District candidate to be placed on a county-wide ballot, approved a project to convert the grass sports fields at Falconwing Park, Wendtwoods Park and Gosling Sportsfields to artificial turf and accepted a proposal for the conversion of Alden Bridge Sports Park Fields 1 and 2 to LED lighting.

Members of the public were able to address the Board at the start of the meeting. 

The Woodlands Township Board Meetings may be attended in person, watched live online, or viewed later via recording at The agenda and attachments may be viewed at