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Candidate Forum Scheduled for Shenandoah City Council Race

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The City of Shenandoah (City) and the Voter Awareness Council (VAC) are co-hosting a non-partisan, unbiased candidate forum on Thursday, April 18, 2019, 6:30 pm at the City Hall building on the I45 southbound access road.

Incumbent Councilman Ted Fletcher and challenger Andrea Konzem will be present. Early voting is April 22nd through April 30th and Election Day is May 4th. City and VAC officials will be co-hosting and introducing the session but will have no role in the actual forum.

Jeff Forward, Editor of The Woodlands Villager will act as forum moderator. Jeff will use questions based on the media’s overall awareness of Shenandoah issues, questions submitted to him from anyone prior to the session via email at, and written questions submitted by the audience during the early stages of the forum.

Candidates will make opening and closing remarks, answer questions in a round robin question format, and have the opportunity to comment on every question. Reasonable time constraints will apply throughout the session.




“We are very pleased once again to be working with the Voter Awareness Council on this opportunity for our residents to gain first-hand information and input from both candidates for our City Council” says Mayor Ritch Wheeler. “We also very much appreciate The Woodlands Villager working with us to ensure that this will be an unbiased forum for our residents to aid them in reaching their own voting decisions” adds Mayor Wheeler.

VAC is a local non-profit corporation established by a number of Montgomery County residents designed to help encourage and equip citizens to vote. Totally non-partisan and unbiased, VAC’s mission is to inform and educate citizens on our local elections, improve the overall voting experience and to increase voter turnout. See for more information.

Questions about this forum can be directed to Kathie Reyer at or VAC Director Amy Lecocq at