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CISD Begins Using Purposity App to Help Students in Need

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX – In January 2020, Conroe Independent School District (Conroe ISD) began utilizing the Purposity app to help its students in need. This app allows community members to receive weekly notifications about students and families in need, and purchase items that are shipped directly to the student’s school.

Purposity is an Atlanta-based not-for-profit app that supports the work of local schools and nonprofits, enabling them to quickly and easily meet the needs of their students and clients. The platform allows users to select organizations and receive notifications about specific needs once a week. Users can click the link, read the story, view prices, and decide whether to purchase the items. The items are then delivered directly to the address designated by the organization, and the user will receive a notification when the items arrive.




In order to post items needed by students, the district was required to have 250 people download the app and follow Conroe ISD. As of January 3, 2020, there are 490 followers.

According to the most recent demographic study data from Population and Survey Analysts (PASA), Conroe ISD has a 37.1% Economically Disadvantaged Student Population, with 22,842 economically disadvantaged students out of a total enrollment of 61,580.

Conroe ISD’s Community Outreach department recently became aware of the app and challenged the community to follow the lead of an anonymous donor who paid off lunch debts at two Conroe ISD high schools. Read more about the generous donation:




All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive a tax receipt from Purposity at the end of the calendar year. Visit for more information.

To follow Conroe ISD on the Purposity app, download the app to a mobile device or tablet and find the district under the “Organizations” tab. For questions related to Conroe ISD’s participation in the program, please contact Lynda Gowin at, or Christina Ramos at

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