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Conroe ISD Board of Trustees Approves 2023 Bond for November Election

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CONROE, TX – In a Special Board Meeting Tuesday night, the Conroe ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the proposal from the 2023 Bond Planning Committee (BPC) and put a four-proposition bond referendum on the ballot for the November 7, 2023 election.

DRAFT Conroe ISD Bond Planning Committee BPC Proposal 2023

Proposition A contains funding for the construction of eight new schools, additions at three campuses, major renovations at five campuses, and master plans at two high schools. The new schools and additions will add 13,700 classroom seats, while the renovations and master plans will impact nearly 10,000 students. 

8 New Schools 

  • Conroe Area High School 
  • Caney Creek 9th Grade Campus 
  • Grand Oaks 7-8, 9th Grade Campus 
  • Conroe Area Junior High 
  • Conroe Area Intermediate 
  • The Woodlands Feeder Elementary 
  • Grand Oaks Feeder Elementary 
  • 242 Corridor Elementary 

3 Additions 

  • McCullough Junior High 
  • Ford Elementary 
  • Hailey Elementary 




5 Major Renovations 

  • The Woodlands High School 
  • Oak Ridge High School 9th Grade Campus 
  • Knox Junior High 
  • Creighton Elementary 
  • San Jacinto Elementary 

2 Master Plans

  • Oak Ridge High School Phase II 
  • Washington High School 

Funding for safety, building infrastructure, technology infrastructure, land, and transportation are also included in Prop A, with additional safety and security measures built into each of the previously mentioned campus projects. The total of all projects in Prop A is $1.82 billion. 

Prop B, totaling $40 million, is for the purchase of technology devices, such as tablets and laptops to replace aging devices used in the classroom for instruction and state-mandated testing. 

Prop C includes the construction of 16 PE classrooms/gyms at the elementary schools that do not have them. There is also funding for a new ag barn in North County to be shared by students at Conroe and Caney Creek High Schools, which are currently the only high schools to not have access to a designated ag barn. The proposition also includes renovations to the two existing ag barns that serve College Park, Grand Oaks, Oak Ridge, and The Woodlands High Schools. Projects in Prop C total approximately $113 million. 




Prop D will fund a 50-meter, outdoor pool with an open-air cover next to the current Laura Wilkinson Natatorium. Mechanical systems refurbishment along with locker room and restroom expansions at the Natatorium are also part of this proposition. The total of Prop C is $22.9 million. 

Conroe ISD’s enrollment for the 23-24 school year is projected to exceed 73,000 students across 70 campuses. In their 2022 study, Population & Survey Analysts (PASA) predicts the District will grow to nearly 100,000 students by 2032. The District has grown by 6,000 students over the last two years. 

The proposal was the result of the work of the nearly 150-member BPC comprised of students, parents, business owners, community members, and employees representing all six feeder zones. Committee co-spokesmen Harry Vein and Chane Reagan made the presentation to the Board. 

If all propositions are approved by voters, the 2023 Bond is anticipated to result in a two-cent tax impact, which is estimated to cost property owners within the District $4.17 per month based on a home valued at $350,000. 

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