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Cooper Campus Remains Closed, Events Canceled, Distance Learning Continues

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THE WOODLANDS, TX – With a commitment to responsibly follow the latest state and federal recommendations regarding the coronavirus, and with an even stronger commitment to protecting the health and welfare of every student and employee of The John Cooper School, the School will remain closed through April 30. This extended closure period also includes the cancellation of all athletic, performing arts and other extracurricular activities.

“Our divisional remote learning initiatives will extend through April 30, with a focus on maintaining positive and caring connections with our students and engaging them in the essential skills and content that this format affords,” Head of School Mike Maher said. “While nothing can be an equal replacement for the creative and constructive teaching and learning that takes place when we are together on campus, our student feedback to date indicates that they are finding the experience both substantive and stimulating.” 

“We are very grateful for the patience, support and understanding of our parents,” he continued. “I also want to applaud our faculty, all of whom are working from home and many of whom have children of their own. They have demonstrated resilience and dedication when called upon, in just a few short weeks, to significantly re-imagine and refine their curricula and determine how to best deliver it to students remotely, but meaningfully. These are truly unprecedented times. I am proud of the manner in which our Cooper community has rallied together and supported one another as we navigate the challenges that we are currently experiencing.”

“Our goal ahead will be to continue to convey the spirit of our community in our interactions with our students, while providing a degree of normalcy in uncertain times,” Maher continued. “Our administrative team, faculty and school counselors will continue to provide guidance and support until school resumes on campus.”

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Source: The John Cooper School


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