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Eat Local: Tosca Italian Gourmet

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Discover Tosca Italian Gourmet, an authentic Italian restaurant located on Borough Park Drive in Spring. Meet the owner, learn about the culture, and of course, the food!

Tosca Italian Gourmet Restaurant
Tosca Italian Gourmet, Photo by Nick Rama

The Story

After moving to The Woodlands from Italy over two years ago, Tosca Italian Gourmet owner, Maya Sretenovic Schiavo, wanted a way to enjoy the tastes of home that she missed. As a result, she opened Tosca Italian Gourmet in December 2021, with the help of her store manager Romina Marchisio. Located conveniently in The Woodlands near Sawdust and I-45 on Burroughs Park behind HEB, Tosca is offering both the taste and feel of an Italian cafe.

Schiavo said her restaurant “brings together a variety of traditional regional Italian meals while adding a twist on local classics for breakfast, lunch and some special dinner services.”




The menu at Tosca Italian Gourmet is based on traditional Italian recipes and Italian food culture, which is very diversified depending on regions and local traditions. While inspired by Italian traditions, Tosca has reinvented recipes such as their Arezzo focaccia. Although made with authentic Italian ingredients, this item was created by Tosca Italian Gourmet. The focaccia sandwiches at Tosca Italian Gourmet are one of the restaurant’s most popular items on the menu, and a very traditional offering in Italy. The variety of unique and refined food and flavors at Tosca Italian Gourmet is reminiscent of a pleasant journey through the Tuscan hills.

The fan favorites have been the Arezzo sandwich, made with truffle and ricotta cheese, premium quality San Daniele Prosciutto Crudo, arugula, and extra virgin Italian olive oil. The pistachio croissants and Sicilian cannoli are also much loved by their customers and both are a symbol of Sicily. Nonna cake is the most wanted of their traditional Italian desserts.

Tosca Italian Gourmet The Woodlands
Photos by Nick Rama.

We asked Shiavo why she decided to open her business in the Spring/Woodlands area. “The Schiavo family lives in the Woodlands and they feel like they are part of the local community,” said Shiavo. “That’s why they wanted to bring Italian food culture to the area, where it’s not easy to find authentic Italian cuisine. After almost 1 year, we are very happy with the choice and we are grateful to the local community for recognizing and appreciating our effort.”

The Name

The name Tosca is meant to recall the amazing landscape, wine, and food traditions of Tuscany. Marchisio shared, “Tosca Italian Gourmet does not only offer Tuscany products for sale, but Tosca is the final summary of our values. Come to Tosca to enjoy the authentic Italian vibes.”

When asked what sets Tosca Italian Gourmet apart from other bakeries in the area, Marchisio said, “Our ambition as a bakery is to combine the simplicity of the Italian traditions with the finest Italian ingredients.”

Tosca Italian Gourmet Restaurant Nick Rama
Photos by Nick Rama.





Tosca Italian Gourmet is deeply connected to the local community. Marchisio explained, “We are proud to support local manpower and to work together with local businesses in exchange of the huge support received by the local community.”

Owners Favorites

  • Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich and croissant served with Italian Coffee (cappuccino or espresso)
  • Lunch: Focaccia sandwich and pizza
  • Dinner: Lasagna and meatballs with a glass of selected Italian wine.

What the Regulars Order

  • Breakfast: Croissants, Cinnamon Rolls, and Ricotta Muffin
  • Breads: Ciabatta, Sicilian bread, Olive Bread, Cranberry and Pistachio
  • Salads: Tosca Salad with selected Italian meat, and Caprese with tomatoes and burrata.
  • Sandwich: Arezzo, Pisa (with ham and cream cheese), and Mortadella
  • Pizza: Margherita, Pepperoni, and Vegetarian
  • Pastries: Nonna Cake, Caprese cake, Tiramisù, Sacher Cake, Sicilian Cannoli, and Affogato (Ice cream with Espresso)
  • Coffee: Cappuccino, Espresso, and Latte (Only Lavazza)
  • Specialties: Bolognese Lasagna, Meatballs, and Tiramisù
  • Take Home Family Meals: “We can prepare Bolognese Lasagna and Meatballs to share with your family but if you want to try a special meal don’t hesitate to call us,” said Marchisio.

Marchisio added, “Moreover, we offer a special dinner menu to propose a unique Italian experience in private events. We could also offer a special and customized menu for business or family events. If you are looking for some special meal, join us for our Friday Dinner. We offer a different selected menu every time.”

Tosca Italian Gourmet The Woodlands Take Home Meals
Tosca’s take home family meals. Photos by Nick Rama

Wrapping it all up

Tosca Italian Gourmet is the real deal authentic Italian bakery with true flavors of Italy and Italian culture. With breakfast, lunch and some dinner services, Tosca has you covered for all the traditional tastes of Italy. Stop by and say hi to Maya, Romina and crew for some pastries and espresso, a perfect morning or afternoon pick-me-up.

We asked: what are 5 Words to Describe Tosca Italian Gourmet? Italian bakery, focaccia, pastries, coffee, wine.

Tosca Italian Gourmet The Woodlands Photo by Nick Rama
Photos by Nick Rama.

Tosca Italian Gourmet

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