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First month Feral Hog elimination efforts show success

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SPRING, TX – Nearly 30 feral hogs have been trapped in just the first month of Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack’s effort to remove the nuisance animal in targeted areas along Spring Creek.

“From what we have observed and from feedback from precinct residents, there has been no new private property damage inflicted by the hogs in the targeted areas since the three-month program began,” Commissioner Noack said.

The professional wildlife removal company has caught 17 sow, almost all of which were pregnant, and 10 adult boars.

The three-month program is in response to constituent concerns brought to the Precinct 3 Office regarding costly damage inflicted on private property by hogs entering their land through county-owned property.

“I’m most appreciative of Commissioner Noack and his team’s leadership by taking immediate action to address concerns,” The Woodlands Township Board Director Dr. Ann Snyder said.


In the second month, the traps will be relocated to new pre-baited sites that have fresh signs of hog activity behind private properties in areas along Spring Creek.

“Our office is aware that trapping has provided poor results for the long-term reduction of hog populations but in the short-term we will continue to try and provide our residents with immediate relief,” Commissioner Noack said. “We will continue to work to control the feral hog population by working with both local and state authorities for a more long-term solution.”

For more information or comment, please call Cody Grimes at the Precinct 3 Office at 281-367-3977.

First month feral hog elimination efforts show great success
Photo provided by Montgomery County Precinct 3

Source: Cody Grimes, Commissioner James NoacMontgomery County Precinct 3