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iGoPink Legacy Fund pledges $500,000 to Breast Cancer Program

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On Friday, August 14, The Breast Cancer Charities of America and iGoPink announced the nonprofit organization based in The Woodlands will “wind down the current services” and through the iGoPink Legacy Fund will leave an endowment to of a minimum cash gift of $500,000 to another 501(c)3 breast cancer program.

Read the official announcement below:

Over the past 11 years, The Breast Cancer Charities of America and iGoPink has made an extraordinary impact on the lives of millions of women, men, their families and support teams who have been faced with the words ‘you have breast cancer’. Through our vast programs; Feeling Beautiful Again, iGoPink Educational Outreach + Resources Guides, Help Now Fund, iGoPink Medical Financial Assistance Program, Hurricane Harvey Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund and iGoPink Medical Missions program, we have changed the lives of individuals facing breast cancer together.

2020 brought about the start to our second decade of service. Throughout COVID-19, The Breast Cancer Charities of America has remained committed, open, and focused on serving patients. Over the past five months, we have distributed over $2.8 million dollars of services through our Feeling Beautiful Again Program to nearly 12,000 patients across the nation. Just because COVID-19 impacted our nation, did not mean that breast cancer stopped.

The Board of Directors has spent exponential time analyzing the current and forecasted economic climates of the non-profit sector given the impact of COVID-19. Through this analysis, it has been determined that it is in the best interest to our partners, including the fiduciary responsibilities the organization holds to each and every donor and the women we serve through our programs, to wind down the current services of the organization and leave an endowment to another breast cancer program/non-profit that will continue to serve patients and their families

The Board of Directors has established the iGoPink Legacy Fund and has pledged a minimum cash gift of half a million dollars ($500,000) to another 501(c)3 breast cancer program. We pray this donation will continue the work that BCCA has been able to provide for over a decade and support patients when they need it most.

We thank each one of your for your support over the past 11 years of this organization. It truly takes a village. Every volunteer, every partner, every social worker, every patient, every donor, every single person who has given of their time to make a difference in the lives of millions of women that we have served going through breast cancer. Thank you.

Board of DirectorsThe Breast Cancer Charities of America

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