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July 8th Update: Hurricane Beryl continues to strengthen

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Beryl has now upgraded to a Hurricane with 75mph winds and expected to continue to strengthen until landfall. Montgomery County is under a Tropical Storm Warning and a hurricane warning is possible given the updated track forecast. Please stay safe.

A tornado watch is now in effect for Montgomery County until Monday, July 8th at 10am and a Flood Watch until Tuesday, July 9 at 7am.

UPDATE 7/8 4:19AM: National Hurricane Center confirms the center of Beryl has made landfall near Matagorda, Texas with dangerous surge and strong winds occurring with flash flooding expected.

Source: MCOHSEM, National Weather Service
Source: MCOHSEM, National Weather Service

Sunday, July 7 10PM update by Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management:

“Track shift to the east slightly. We now expect the center of circulation to be directly over the western portion of the county. Strong winds will be expected in western Montgomery County. Gustier winds along I-45 and portions east are also very likely with this new track shift.

Sustained 45-60mph with gusts to 85mph are now forecasted.

This will be the most significant wind event since Hurricane Ike. Please heed the warnings and stay off the roadways tonight and tomorrow.

We are under a tropical storm warning and we could see this updated to Hurricane warning based on latest track and intensity of Beryl as she passes through the county.

Timing: We expect to see the early bands of Beryl late tonight and in the morning. Eyewall will start to pass over the county around 11 am and continue northeast through the afternoon. This will be an all day Monday storm.

Beryl will not be out of our area until late in the day Monday. With the eyewall coming over the county, please don’t get out and explore when it looks clear out. Conditions will rapidly deteriorate on the back side of the eyewall.

Power outages are expected. Please take the time now to charge your devices and battery banks. Conserve power on devices once power does go out as we will have a tornado threat and you will need them to receive warnings.


Source: MCOHSEM, National Weather Service

Source: Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management