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Kuykendahl Road widening project underway

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SPRING, TX – Construction contractor WadeCon LLC started work on the Kuykendahl Road widening project this week.

Kuykendahl Road Widening Project 2021

The project, funded through the 2015 road bond approved by voters, will complete a four-lane boulevard from Lake Woodlands Drive to Research Forest Drive.

“I am ecstatic that we are able to fund this project through the savings we had from the other road bond projects,” Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack said. “This and the Gosling Bridge widening project are the final projects for Precinct 3 from the 2015 road bond.”




Precinct 3 received $84 million of the $280 million in bond funds, and ultimately will fund a dozen road projects. The project will widen Kuykendahl Road from a two-lane half-boulevard to a four-lane boulevard from Lake Woodlands Drive to Research Forest Drive.

The project design includes construction of two 12-foot-wide northbound vehicle lanes from north of Lake Woodlands Drive to south of Bay Branch Drive with an 8-foot-wide outside shoulder along the new northbound lanes. There will be a new bridge constructed over Bear Branch for the northbound lanes that has a shoulder as well as a walkway, mirroring the existing bridge. The two existing lanes will become the southbound lanes once construction is completed.




This week, the contractor set up temporary construction signage, started mobilization and excavation work on the north end of the road near Bay Branch Drive. The bid amount for project construction was $3,566,246, and it is a 365-calendar day contract.

For more information or comment, call the Precinct 3 Office at 281-367-3977.