Hurricane Harvey

Lake Conroe Lake Level and Releases Declining

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The Lake Conroe water level is continuing to slowly decline. The current water level is 203.7 feet above mean sea level (MSL), which is only 2.7’ over the normal pool elevation of 201’ MSL.

Most docks and bulkheads will become visible once the lake drops another 0.7 feet to 203’ MSL; however, the lake will remain closed to public access due to floating debris. An announcement will be made once the lake is reopened to boat traffic.

The release rate from the Lake Conroe dam has been reduced to 22,172 cubic feet per second (cfs) from its peak of 79,100 cfs. Water levels in the river downstream of the dam are beginning to decrease.

One of the most significant statistics of this event (to date) contributing to the lake level and subsequent record release was the amount of water flowing into Lake Conroe. The peak inflow into the lake was approximately 130,000 cfs. The peak release rate from Lake Conroe was 79,100 cfs. This means that the operation of the dam buffered the peak flow that would otherwise have continued down the river and caused additional flooding.

SJRA reservoir operators will continue to monitor rainfall amounts and inflows to determine when the release rate can be further lowered.

Contrary to rumors circulating on social media, the Lake Conroe dam is NOT in danger of failing. The dam is in excellent condition and is operating exactly as it was designed.

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