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Link Local supporting Local Businesses affected by Harvey

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Right now we are all looking for ways that we can serve our communities, and one very simple – yet extremely effective way to do so is to be mindful and supportive of locally owned businesses. Not only were many of our neighbor’s homes damaged in the flood, but also many of our neighbor’s commercial buildings and livelihoods.

Link Local, creators of Link Local Magazine and the local #EatShopLiveLocal movement, has created a Facebook group that is intended to be used as a hub for residents and local business owners in Montgomery County to come together to support locally owned businesses. Our current efforts are geared towards helping local businesses in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Here’s how you can help:
As a resident of Montgomery County, you can help by posting a picture, making a post, or sharing a post to the Eat Shop Live Local Montgomery County group page letting the community know which business are up and running and which are closed. Any information about what is now open, what will be reopening soon and when, as well as which local businesses are offering deals that are using proceeds to help in the relief efforts, are all welcome!

Please use the hashtag #HarveyMoCo2017 and #EatShopLiveLocal so that Link Local can easily find and share your posts. Also, by just being mindful about where your dollar is going can be a huge help to the local economy. When you make a purchase at a locally owned business, you are supporting your fellow neighbor, whether that be the business owner or any of their employees, in comparison to when you spend at larger chain stores.

If you are a local business owner who is now suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, use this page to post your needs so that community members might be able to find ways to help you to get your operation back up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Russell Kalousek, co-owner of Link Local shared, “Thank you to everyone in the community who has stepped up to serve wherever, whoever, or however that may be. For those who were seriously affected by the flooding this week, please know that our hearts go out to you, that our prayers are going up for you, and that we are eagerly looking for ways in which we can serve you! God bless Montgomery County.”

Learn more and join the public Facebook group at