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Flower Subscription Service Brings Tropics to The Woodlands

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It was an early Wednesday morning as I sipped my first cup of coffee, stared into my phone, and scrolled through the latest images on Instagram. This is normally how I start most mornings, to see what’s going on in the world and discover new local events, businesses, people and products here locally in The Woodlands and North Houston.

Just before giving up hope [or rather moving on to Facebook, Twitter, my second cup of coffee…] on finding that new “How awesome is that?!” or “Oh I have to go!” moment, there is was…

Flowers + Cuteness + Local = WIN!

I mean how adorable is that smile?! Plus I’m a gal that loves flowers [surprise, surprise] so I simply had to dive in and learn more about Amazon Flower Designs.

After doing a little investigating and striking up a conversation online with Tricia of Amazon Flower Designs, I soon discovered that not only do they offer tropical flowers, but they are a subscription based flower service. So you want flowers delivered every week, every other week, or monthly to your home or business? DONE! Amazon Flower Designs will do just that for clients in The Woodlands and surrounding areas.

Inspired by their Brazilian roots and experience working with exotic flowers, Tricia and Camila started Amazon Flower Designs here in The Woodlands to provide arrangements filled with tropical designs to give clients the exotic chic detail they are looking for. Each arrangement is even named after a place in Brazil!

Amazon Flower Designs Hello Woodlands

Personalized flower arrangements are created by size and style, then delivered to your home or business by Amazon Flower Designs.

…And the arrangements are absolutely gorgeous. Don’t you agree?

To order a subscription, all you have to do is choose:

1) How often (Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly)
2) What Size (Small, Medium, Large)
3) Select the Design (See their Photo Gallery) or Create Your Own (Ex: White Flowers)

Then Amazon Flower Designs will hand deliver your personalized arrangement for you to enjoy.

How fun is that?! Naturally, our team felt compelled to test out the service and arrange a time to receive an arrangement of our very own. Strictly for research purposes of course 😉

Amazon Flower Designs Hello Woodlands

Inspired by their Brazilian roots, Tricia and Camila started Amazon Flower Designs in The Woodlands to provide arrangements filled with tropical designs.

Even on the dreadfully rainy pre-scheduled day of delivery, both Tricia and Camila came right on time to deliver vases filled with exotic flowers, hand selected and styled to perfection. I really don’t know how they did it, but the flowers looked like they jumped right out of a high fashion Magazine versus the rain storm they just had to drive and walk through. To top things off, Tricia and Camila were absolutely delightful and – just like their flowers – truly brightened up the room even on this gloomy day. 

Amazon Flower Designs Hello Woodlands

Featuring a small arrangement with tropical flowers by Amazon Flower Designs.

 After snapping a few photos and talking about their new business, they shared that in addition to the subscription service, they also love to accommodate special requests in order to provide arrangements for dinner parties, corporate events, and more. As residents of The Woodlands, they are excited to bring the natural beauty of Brazil – by subscription or custom order – now locally to homes and businesses in the area.

We want to say a special THANK YOU to Tricia and Camila of Amazon Flower Designs for taking the time to chat with us about their new local business and our gorgeous arrangement that brightened the days [and well over a week!] after our delivery. We look very forward to receiving our next arrangement!

Amazon Flower Designs Hello Woodlands Tricia Camila

Camila and Tricia of Amazon Flower Designs provide custom flower arrangements to clients in The Woodlands area.

To learn more about Amazon Flower Designs, sign up for a subscription or request a custom order visit

You can also follow Amazon Flower Designs, view their arrangements and activities on Instagram at @AmazonFlowerDesigns and on the Facebook page, Amazon Flower Designs.