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Memorial Hermann staff pray for Physicians and Community on Helipad

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On Thursday, April 9, Medical Professionals and Staff at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center gathered together in prayer on the helipad.

“Today we went up to the helipad to pray for our patients, our physicians, each other, our city, our Nation, and our world. Science can and will defeat this virus, but only our Lord can provide true Peace to defeat the fear,” stated Vickie Maywald, RN, Operations Administrator and Emergency Preparedness Officer at Memorial Hermann, in a public message with photos of the gathering, while practicing social distancing.

In talking with Vickie in a phone interview, she shared, “We have an incredibly positive and upbeat team – this is just one snapshot of what we truly are on a daily basis. Staff do life together, support each other, ask about how their day is going, ask about their families – just being there for each other. And faith is important, it what gives us more dedication.”

The group was led by Memorial Hermann’s Chaplain Katherine Doehring in prayer as they stood on the helipad, to pray over the hospital and community they serve.

Memorial Hermann staff pray for Physicians and Community on Helipad
PHOTO: Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center staff pray for Physicians and Community on Helipad

Taking the time to “pause” in prayer is nothing new at Memorial Hermann, as the team takes the time to circle together with chaplains in recognizing and honoring a patient’s life that was lost, the work of the staff, blessing of the hands, a prayer for protection, and to pray for the community.

Vickie continued by sharing how appreciated and supported the doctors, medical physicians and staff feel by receiving donations and generosity from the community. “We’ve seen an outpouring of meals, masks, donations, cards, posters, and a car parade. Even the Head of OA said that never in their healthcare career have they ever felt so supported.”

On April 7, members of the community even surprised hospital staff with an impromptu “Car Caroling” for prayer through worship in the parking lot of Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center. Families parked their cars to face the hospital, turned on hazard lights, rolled down windows, and sang songs together to serenade the hospital staff and patients. “We got flash mobbed in the most beautiful way.  As the staff were changing shifts and coming out of the building, the community was waiting – singing literal praises, praying for us, holding up signs and honking their support. They all stayed in their cars, but it certainly felt like a giant hug for those who witnessed it.” 

In talking about the current hospital operations and status during the COVID-19 crisis, Vickie complimented the hard work, preparation and calmness of the staff. The staff has worked to prepare the hospital with beds, ventilators, supplies, equipment, staffing – and building response plans for the future.

She also emphasized that there is no reason to panic or spread fear, stating, “Fear does not have a place anywhere. The spread of the virus is not our biggest problem right now – it is the spread of misinformation and fear, usually unwarranted fear. If you didn’t see it happen, stop spreading it.”

“For the general staff, we talk about how much we will look back and focus on the good – by appreciating these days as we built relationships, got to know each other professionally and who the experts are. We are thankful and blessed.”

Special thank you to Linda Nelson and Vickie Maywald for sharing their time, photos, and information on Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center as they work together with their team and medical professionals.

For more information about Memorial Hermann and the response to COVID-19, visit the Memorial Hermann Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center at


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