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Montgomery County Commissioners Court Allocates Additional $10 Million for Rent Relief

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX – Montgomery County Commissioners Court designated $10 million to go toward rental assistance during a special session Monday. The funds come from the $2.2 trillion CARES Act passed by the federal government, in which $105 million was sent to Montgomery County to help with the local impact of COVID-19.

“The economic impact of the devastating government-mandated shutdown is extreme. We must use these funds diligently and help all who have been affected,” Commissioner Noack said.




Four nonprofit organizations will be selected to administer the $10 million equally among each of the four commissioner precincts. The court anticipates the $10 million will assist nearly 4,000 families. These funds do not have an income limit, unlike the $2.4 million approved for rental assistance during the May 26 Commissioners Court session, so middle class families across the county who need rental assistance will be able to apply.

Commissioner Noack has selected Interfaith of The Woodlands to receive Precinct 3’s allocation of the $10 million.




“Interfaith is proud to partner with Montgomery County and Commissioner Noack’s office to ensure families in Precinct 3, who have been affected by the unprecedented COVID-19 Crisis, receive rental assistance regardless of income,” said Missy Herndon, President and CEO, Interfaith of The Woodlands. “Crisis knows no boundary and can take a financially stable family into instability and unfortunately, homelessness. Our goal is to help our renters stay in their homes and give them the opportunity to move beyond their current circumstances.”

Commissioner Noack’s office will release information on the application process as soon as it is available.