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Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office holds 2024 National Police Week Memorial Tribute, Promotion and Awards Ceremony

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On May 14, 2024, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office held the National Police Week Memorial Tribute and Spring Promotion and Awards Ceremony at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe.

Sheriff Rand Henderson presented the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office promotions and awards ceremony that acknowledged those who have shown exceptional and outstanding merits that exemplify Sheriff Henderson’s goals for the agency.

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The vision for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office’s vision is to serve as a role model for the public safety services in our state. Their mission is to provide professional detention and law enforcement service to our community through meaningful partnerships to enhance the quality of life for citizens, businesses, and visitors through efficient and innovative public safety practices. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office’s values represent their “P.A.C.T.” (Professional, Accountable, Compassionate, and Trusted) with the community and it is the core of the unspoken and implicit agreement between citizens and peace officers.

With each individual thoroughly reviewed and carefully chosen, Sheriff Rand Henderson assigned those recognized to safeguard the community’s trust through these standards.

Photo Credit: Rod Prado / Hello Woodlands

During the Awards ceremony, the Community Action Partner Award was presented to Woodlands Church and Cashner’s Funeral Home for their unwavering commitment to their duties and inspirational efforts after the tragic loss of Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Charles Rivette.

On February 21, 2024, Deputy Charles Rivette lost his life in the line of duty in a tragic vehicle crash. The news of his passing sent shock waves throughout the department and the community, leaving many heartbroken and grieving. In the midst of this tragedy, a group of individuals stood out for their exceptional demonstration of the Sheriff’s Office core values of professionalism, accountability, compassion, and trust. From the moment the initial call was received, a team of outstanding individuals stepped up beyond the normal scope of their duties to provide support and assistance to Deputy Rivette’s family and colleagues.

Photo Credit: Rod Prado / Hello Woodlands

Continuing in the aftermath of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office’s first line of duty death in over 140 years, several individuals answered the call and demonstrated exceptional composure, professionalism, and leadership in the days that followed. During the ceremony, these individuals were awarded the Professional & Compassionate Award, Professional Award, Compassionate Award, Unit Citation for Honor Guard Members, and Unit Citation for Transport and Motor Teams.

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Source: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office