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Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Promotion and Awards Ceremony

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On Thursday, November 8, 2018, Sheriff Rand Henderson presented the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Promotion and Awards Ceremony at the Lone Star Convention Center located at 9055 Airport Road in Conroe, Texas.

The event was designed to acknowledge those who have shown exceptional and outstanding merits that exemplify Sheriff Henderson’s goals for the agency.

As stated in the event program, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office’s “vision is to serve as a role model for the public safety services in our state. Our Mission is to provide professional detention and law enforcement service to our community through meaningful partnerships to enhance the quality of life for our citizens, businesses and visitors through efficient and innovative public safety practices.”

“Along with these ideals comes our four guiding principles: Professional, Accountable, Compassionate and Trusted. Our values represent our ‘P.A.C.T.’ with the community. It is the core of the unspoken and implicit agreement between citizens and their peace officers.”

“With each individual thoroughly reviewed and carefully chosen, Sheriff Rand Henderson has assigned those being recognized today to safeguard the community’s trust through these standards.”

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Promotions were presented to each division as well as the Professional Award, Accountable Award, Compassionate Award, and Life Saving Award during the ceremony.




Promotions were presented to the following individuals:

Patrol East Divison, Headed by Captain Melvin Franklin

  • David Borchardt, Sergeant
  • David Foreman, Sergeant
  • Moamen Abdelbaky, Detective
  • Jacob Erickson, Detective
  • Joshua Hilado, Detective
  • Stephanie Lee, Detective
  • Joshua Wroten, Detective

Patrol West Division, Headed by Captain Melvin Franklin

  • Kenneth Dunlap, Lieutenant
  • Dale Bible, Sergeant
  • Christopher Roberts, Sergeant
  • Margarito Rosales, Sergeant
  • Ryan Mathis, Detective
  • Shelby Yow, Detective

The Woodlands Township Division, Headed by Tim Holifield

  • Max Fruchtnicht, Detective
  • Jeffrey Herman, Detective

Criminal Investigative Division, Headed by Captain Jimmy Malmay

  • Joshua Leal, Specialist
  • Scott Martin, Specialist
  • Rogelio Vargas II, Specialist

Executive Division, Headed by Captain Allison Allen

  • Courtney Mishoe, Registrar
  • Chana Woodrow, Open Records Specialist
  • Lee Knudsen, Specialist
  • Magdalena Moseley, Specialist
  • Tommy Smith, Specialist

Homeland Security Division, Headed by Captain Damon Hall

  • Edward Fisher, Specialist
  • Wesley Sage, Specialist

Jail Division, Headed by Captain Andrew Eason

  • Mike Rogers, Lieutenant
  • Dennis Doerge, Deputy
  • Jason Uhler, Deputy

Law Enforcement Services Division, Headed by Captain Mac McKelvy

  • Jennifer Parker, Crime Analyst




Awards were presented to the following individuals:

Professional Award

  • Deputy Matthew McCord
  • Deputy Clifford Wood
  • Detention Sergeant Crystal Badeaux
  • Sergeant J.P. Gonzales
  • Detective Michael Lee

Accountable Award

  • Clerk Deborah Thompson

Compassionate Award

  • Lieutenant Felicia Webb
  • Deputy Christopher Rose
  • Deputy Scott Martin
  • Deputy Steven McDonald
  • Lieutenant Scott Spencer
  • Manager Michelle Wallace
  • Supervisor Kim Mayfield
  • Sergeant Mike Evans
  • Specialist Steve Squier
  • Technician Mike Manning
  • Lieutenant Joe Senn
  • Sergeant Willie Kendrick
  • Sergeant David Borchardt
  • Deputy Chris Azwell
  • Deputy Justin Painter
  • Deputy Dennis Doerge

Life Saving Award

  • Deputy Dominic Trevino
  • Deputy Michael Berry
  • Deputy Corey Brummett
  • Investigator Lance Holden
  • Chaplain Jake Gonzales
  • Specialist Steve Squier
  • Lieutenant Clay Swilling
  • Deputy Zach Vercher
  • Deputy Zach Winford
  • Deputy Lee Knudsen

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