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Nonprofit of the Month: Unbroken Project

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Randy Lovelace of Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies introduces the Hello Woodlands Nonprofit of the Month, the Unbroken Project, and interviews Jorey Herrscher.

Watch our video interview below!


About the Unbroken Project

The Unbroken Project is a division of The Herrscher Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation and all donations go directly towards helping First Responders and Military Veterans through training, counseling, treatment and other help as deemed necessary by the Foundation. The Unbroken Project is a movement to correct the way PTSD is dealt with in the workplace, the media and in our communities.

The Unbroken Project is a movement that provides opportunities for those of us who have gotten help, to help those who haven’t. It is an opportunity for those who care about someone suffering with PTSD, Depression or Anxiety, to stop suffering. It is an opportunity for those who are made to suffer at the hands of someone we love, who hurt us in part, because of their PTSD, Depression or Anxiety.

Learn more about the Unbroken Project and Jorey Herrscher’s story at

About Randy Lovelace

To learn more about Randy Lovelace, his “Referral for a Cause” program to help local nonprofit organizations, and of Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies, please call (281) 298-0440, email or visit