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Sheriff Rand Henderson releases Updated Strategic Plan for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for 2023-2026 

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Sheriff Rand Henderson is pleased to announce the release of the updated strategic plan for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (MCTXSheriff) for the years 2023-2026. The strategic plan outlines the vision, mission, and goals of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, providing a roadmap for the agency’s future operations and initiatives. 

The updated strategic plan takes into account the changing landscape of law enforcement and the specific needs of Montgomery County. It incorporates community stakeholders, law enforcement professionals, and internal staff input to ensure a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach. 

Sheriff Henderson emphasized the importance of the strategic plan in guiding the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office efforts to enhance public safety and maintain community trust. He stated, “Our strategic plan serves as a compass for our agency, guiding us towards our shared vision of a safe and secure Montgomery County. It outlines our commitment to proactive policing, community engagement, and continuous improvement.” 

The updated strategic plan for 2023-2026 focuses on several key areas and aims to strengthen its community-oriented policing efforts, building strong relationships with residents, businesses, and community organizations to address public safety concerns collaboratively. 


One new focus is border security and public safety. Sheriff Rand Henderson recognizes the importance of border security in Montgomery County. The strategic plan outlines initiatives to enhance collaboration with federal agencies, strengthen intelligence sharing, and improve coordination to combat cross-border crime effectively. The Sheriff’s Office will work diligently to ensure the safety and security of the community. 

The strategic plan also outlines initiatives to prevent and reduce crime through intelligence-led policing, targeted enforcement, and community-based programs. It emphasizes the importance of data-driven approaches to identify crime trends and allocate resources effectively. The Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing its officers with comprehensive training and professional development opportunities to enhance their skills, knowledge, and effectiveness in serving the community. 

Finally, the strategic plan recognizes the role of technology and innovation in modern law enforcement. It outlines the agency’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies, improving communication systems, and leveraging data analytics to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. 

Sheriff Henderson expressed his gratitude to the community for their ongoing support and emphasized the collaborative nature of the strategic plan. He stated, “Our success in achieving our goals relies on the partnership between law enforcement and the community. Together, we can build a safer and stronger Montgomery County.” 

The updated strategic plan for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for 2023-2026 is available for public viewing on the official website

Source: Scott Spencer, Lieutenant, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Administrative Services