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The 23rd Annual Woodlands Family YMCA Dragon Boat Team Challenge begins

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The 23rd Annual YMCA Dragon Boat Team Challenge, presented by Repsol, kicked off today Thursday, September 29, 2022 at Northshore Park in The Woodlands. Teams will participate in a single 4-hour bracket, 8 a.m. to noon or 2–6 p.m., during the four-day event, held from September 29 – October 2. Spectators are welcome to stop by, watch the fun, and cheer on your favorite team.

View photos from the first day of the challenge on the Hello Woodlands Facebook page and on Instagram:


Each team has a minimum of 20 members, but no more than 30, and a minimum of 5 females and participants must be at least 18 years of age. High School teams, 9th–12th grade, will participate in the Sunday morning bracket.

The event features 6 different team activities, but the Dragon Boat races are the main event. The boats, owned by The American Dragon Boat Association, are transported from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dragon boats are 40 feet long, extremely colorful and weigh over 1,800 pounds each. The activities are designed to bring individuals together to achieve a single goal – to have fun and build relationships!

Celebrating 23 years rowing for a cause, the YMCA Dragon Boat Team Challenge benefits the YMCA’s Annual Campaign, which ensures the YMCA can offer unique opportunities for families to come together in a safe place, create a welcoming environment for all, and ensure that everyone has access to the YMCA and its programs, regardless of age, income, background or circumstance. The YMCA is not just a place, but a purpose.

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