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The Township’s Transportation Programs Receive a Clean Triennial Review

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THE WOODLANDS, TX – September is National Transit Month and The Woodlands Township celebrates the month after receiving a remarkable 2023 Triennial Review from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for its Transportation programs. FTA reviewers stated that The Township was the first agency to ever receive a clean review, issuing no discrepancies or findings.

The Woodlands Express
The Woodlands Township receives the honor of receiving a clean 2023 Triennial Review from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for its Transportation programs. Visit for more information. Photo courtesy of The Woodlands Township.

Every three years, the Federal Transit Administration performs a Triennial Review of all federally-funded transit agencies. This review evaluates grant recipients’ performance and compliance with federal requirements and ensures that the recipients are using the grant funds in a manner consistent with the intended regulatory and statutory requirements.

The Woodlands Township operates two transportation programs: The Woodlands Express Park and Ride service and The Woodlands Town Center Trolleys.

The Woodlands Express service provides a comfortable, convenient and economical way to commute, with on-board wifi available for those wanting to enjoy a streaming service, or answer a few emails while commuting. The service operates Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from three convenient park and ride locations in The Woodlands. Destinations include the Texas Medical Center, Greenway Plaza, the Central Business District of Houston and now the Energy Corridor. Additionally, this service continued operations to provide service to essential workers throughout the pandemic and implemented enhanced, contactless ticketing services through a convenient mobile application.




Utilizing The Woodlands Express, riders can avoid the hassle of driving in heavy traffic, reducing stress and allows riders to arrive at their destination refreshed and ready for the day ahead. By choosing public transportation, riders help reduce congestion and air pollution, making a positive impact on the environment. Additionally, riding The Woodlands Express can save money by eliminating fuel costs, parking fees, and reducing wear and tear on vehicles. For service information and schedules, please visit   

The Woodlands Town Center Trolleys operate year-round, seven days per week, excluding certain holidays. The free service connects The Woodlands Mall, Market Street, and Hughes Landing with Town Center businesses and residences along The Woodlands Waterway. With dedicated drivers and enhanced attention to cleaning high touch surfaces, the Trolleys were able to provide safe and enjoyable service throughout the pandemic and have continued to increase ridership and community engagement since. The Trolleys served over 137,000 residents and visitors last year, and 2023 is shaping up to be the most successful year yet. The Trolleys are a favorite of residents and visitors alike. View the Trolley Hours of Operation and Trolley Route for the Town Center Trolleys.  

The Woodlands Express and The Woodlands Town Center Trolleys provide services to help simplify your journey. Visit for more information.