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The Woodlands Township encourages playground safety

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THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS – The Woodlands, home to nearly 90 unique and innovative playgrounds, values the benefits and importance of safe playgrounds. With the current hot weather, parents and other caregivers should take safety precautions when visiting our community’s parks and playgrounds.

The following are a few tips to ensure a safe and fun experience:

  • Though most of our playgrounds are surrounded by trees, on a hot day, touch the equipment, especially slides, before using. If it’s too hot for your hand; it’s too hot to play on. Come back another day or use one of the community’s pools or spraygrounds.
  • With the current heat advisories – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – children and parents playing in playgrounds may not realize how hard they are exerting themselves and could become dehydrated. Drink lots of water and don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • One of the general guidelines for planning a safe play area is to provide age appropriate equipment. Most playgrounds have stickers designating the play area for two to five years old or five to twelve years old. Generally, the smaller units lower to the ground are for the younger pre-school aged user.
  • Do not park your bike, stroller, etc. in the play area. Children love to run, play tag and chase on the playground, typically not paying attention to objects that they could trip and fall on.
  • The best way to know the playground is safe is to play on the equipment with your children. Ride the slides, swing on the swings or be home base for tag; enjoy the playground as much as your children do.

It is important to play safe as our playgrounds are learning laboratories for our children that incorporate elements that excite their senses and help to challenge and develop motor and social skills. If you have any issues at the parks and playgrounds, please call The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department at 281-210-3900.

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