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Township’s Water-wise Village Challenge Underway

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THE WOODLANDS, TX – Take the pledge to conserve water and win scholarship prize money for your village! Every year from August to April, The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department challenges residents of each village to stop watering their yards as the weather gets cooler and grass goes dormant.

Not only does this initiative conserve water and save residents money, but it also creates a healthier lawn. Warm weather turf grasses, particularly St. Augustine, naturally go dormant during winter months and use all available energy to grow and strengthen the root system. Allowing grass to brown during the cool months results in healthier lawns with less disease in the spring. Participants will help their village and grass while saving water over the winter!




The contest runs from August 15, 2019 to April 15, 2020. To participate, residents must take the pledge to turn off their automated sprinkler system for the winter. Residents that do not have an automated sprinkler system must pledge not to water their grass. The village will earn one contest point for each household pledge. Villages with the most points receive cash awards for their scholarship funds from program sponsors.

After residents take the pledge, they may come to the Environmental Services office at 8203 Millennium Forest Drive to receive a hose-end spray nozzle to use for watering gardens while their system is off, or a ring sprinkler for hose-end use.




There are several ways to submit a pledge:

  • Fill out the form online at
  • Visit The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department in person at 8203 Millennium Forest Drive
  • Visit Environmental Services events such as Woodlands Landscaping Solutions, 3R Bazaar, or other local activities
  • Contact the village association in which the household is located

The Water-wise Village Challenge Winners are announced in May of each year.

Everyone doing their part to conserve water now will ensure a reliable supply of quality drinking water for generations to come. The Environmental Services Department offers free events, classes and seminars for residents to learn tips on incorporating conservation habits into daily routines. To find more information about water conservation, visit Residents may request a presentation on water conservation by contacting The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department at or by calling 281-210-3800.

Sources: Teri MacArthur – The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department, The Woodlands Township