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2023 Must-See Local Halloween Decorations, Map & Videos Included

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It’s time for Halloween! Put on some Halloween music and head out to see these local Halloween decorations. There are several new houses on the list this year! The list is updated regularly so be sure to check back for additions as Halloween gets closer.

Halloween in The Woodlands Area 2023 Map

Click on any of the ghosts to find an image of a home decorated for Halloween and its location.




Alden Bridge

Cider Mill Court

Take a peek in the window to see who is watching you! Map


S Plum Crest Circle

These skeletons change often! Come by to see all sorts of skeleton shenanigans! Map


W Greywing Circle (The Doll House)

The Doll House features over 100 dolls that have been hand painted to create the perfect eerie details on each one. The chilling mood is complete with scary music and lighting. Map


Moonseed Place

Walk through this graveyard to experience the interactive characters and elements! Map


Pine Island Place

This house was named the 2022 Spookiest House in Alden Bridge. Map


Watermint Place

See if you can find the house! This yard is full of delightfully creepy characters! Map


Webb Creek Place

The house at Webb Creek Place is back again this year with a creepy clown theme including a clown on a functioning swing set and a giant, spooky clown-in-the-box! Map


S. Winterport Circle

This scary circus walk through has interactive characters, creepy games, and jump scares. Map


Cochran’s Crossing

Amber Sky Place (Nightmare on Amber Sky)

Watch “Icky” the pumpkin and his pumpkin friends sing Halloween songs to a synchronized light and music show. Check the homeowner’s Facebook page for weather updates at Nightmare On Amber Sky. Map


Cascade Springs Place

Catch these giant skeletons towering over the street. Map


Cascade Springs Place

The Ghostbusters are saving the world from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in this Halloween scene, on the same street as the giant skeletons! Map


S Cochran’s Green Circle

These skeleton families were all set for Walk to School Day! They have been known to change things up and create different scenes! Map


Driftoak Circle

The homeowners invite guests to get out of the car to explore this spooky front yard complete with photo ops, interactive characters, and more! Map


Mystic Lake Circle

This year the house on Mystic Lake Circle features the Haunted Hotel! Visitors can tour a lighted pathway filled with interactive monsters and witches, selfie stations, and more! You can find the homeowner outside visiting with her guests to make sure everyone is having a great time. Map



Green Bend Court

This light show, synchronized to music, is back again this year with an added element – spotlights! Map



Glenhill Dr.

There’s a creepy carnival on Glenhill Drive! Map


Glenhill Drive

Across the street from the creepy carnival above is a house with surprises in every window! Map



Blue Ridge Drive

Be sure to look in the front window for a scary surprise at this house! Map


Shenandoah Drive

This creepy colorful display is a staple in Shenandoah, right off Research Forest. Map


Silverwood Ranch Drive

Trick or treat your way through this terrifying walk through to the front door. Map


NOTE: Grand Bayou Place will not have Halloween decorations this year.

Find more local Halloween decorations on Hello Woodlands’ Facebook page: Don’t forget to check back for the 2023 Local Christmas Lights displays!

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UPDATED: October 31, 2023 at 7:53am.