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Commissioner Noack to implement three-month feral hog trapping program

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SPRING, TX – Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack has contracted with a professional wildlife removal company in order to trap feral hogs in targeted areas along Spring Creek. This is consistent with the Precinct’s past efforts to mitigate and remove other nuisance wildlife such as beavers and coyotes.

The three-month program, at a cost of $14,500, is in response to constituent concerns recently brought to the Precinct 3 Office.

Commissioner Noack understands the costly damage these hogs can inflict on private property. That’s why the traps will be placed today (Friday, Jan. 17). These traps will be placed on county property and will be relocated as necessary throughout the 90-day program.

Commissioner Noack has been communicating with wildlife experts, such as Texas Parks and Wildlife, as well as state and local officials in order to determine more long-term solutions. Commissioner Noack does not believe it is in the best interest of his constituents to wait for more meetings, consultants and bureaucracy before providing relief to Precinct 3 residents in areas along Spring Creek such as Grogan’s Point.


With an estimated population growing to around 2.6 million, feral hogs are a constant nuisance in regions across Texas. Wildlife experts believe 70-75 percent of the feral hog population must be eradicated each year just to keep up with the prolific reproduction rate of this non-native wild animal.

While trapping has provided poor results for the long-term reduction of hog populations it has shown short-term benefits in targeted areas.

While there are limited options to combat the growing problem, Commissioner Noack will continue efforts to control the feral hog population by working with both local and state authorities, seeking grant fund opportunities, and working with private landowners on potential mitigation efforts they can implement.

For more information or comment, please call Cody Grimes at the Precinct 3 Office at 281-367-3977.

Source: Cody Grimes, Commissioner James Noack, Montgomery County Precinct 3