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Commissioner Riley cracks down on heavy trucks operating unsafely

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MAGNOLIA, TX – The county roads in Precinct 2 are under the watchful eye of Commissioner Charlie Riley’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division. Commercial vehicles that routinely transport material to work sites must comply to operate and navigate on the roads in a safe and responsible manner.

Commissioner Charlie Riley Magnolia Unsafe Heavy Trucks

When trucks are observed with visible signs of disrepair, overloaded, loose material falling off of the trucks onto the road surface and/or unreadable license tags, then the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division will stop the truck and review the circumstances as to whether or not it would be allowed to continue occupying the roadway.

Loose material that falls off of these trucks is one of many concerns that interferes with the safe operation of any vehicle on the roads. Rocks and debris can damage vehicles and create an unsafe driving experience. Overloaded vehicles and unsafe operating procedures can cause road damage that requires the road surfaces and roadside easements to become compromised in part by noncompliance of commercial vehicles. The average cost to rehab 1 mile of county roadway is $150,000.




Precinct 2, Commissioner Charlie Riley states, “The large commercial trucks that are operating within Precinct 2 will be held accountable to maintain safe operating standards. The roads should be safe to drive on without concern for rocks, debris, and surface damage due to a commercial truck operator’s lack of compliance for safe vehicle operation.”

The basic responsibility of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is weighing and checking commercial vehicle traffic operating over the Precinct 2 county roads so that compliance with the statutory provisions of law regulating weight, motor carrier safety, registration, transportation of persons, hazardous material and other property can be obtained.