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Conroe ISD Bond Planning Committee Update #1

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CONROE, TX – Conroe ISD’s 2023 Bond Planning Committee met three times in February, hearing from District representatives, as well as population, construction, surveying, local tax, and financial experts, as it works toward forming a proposal for the Board of Trustee’s consideration for the November 7 election. 

The first order of business for the nearly 160-member committee was to determine if a bond proposal was even necessary this year. The committee voted, overwhelmingly, that a bond for new facilities should be assembled and put forward for a vote.

Currently, the District’s 67 schools operate at an average capacity of 102 percent. According to data gathered by Population and Survey Analysts (PASA), the District is expected to grow from more than 71,000 students today to nearly 100,000 students by the year 2032. The District has exceeded the high growth scenario three of the last four years, which would push the number of students closer to 120,000 over the next 10 years should that trend continue. PASA also shared data, which shows there are 53,000 new housing construction projects planned in the area, including 35,000 single-family units. 




The committee reviewed new school recommendations and will be determining priorities that may include a new high school to alleviate Conroe High School, a 9th grade campus to support anticipated growth at Caney Creek High School, a new elementary school in the Caney Creek feeder zone, a seventh, eighth and ninth grade campus in the Grand Oaks High School feeder zone, a new junior high in the Conroe feeder zone and other schools to address growth. 

Going forward, the committee will also examine what other capital improvements and possible land acquisitions will be needed to address the District’s immediate and projected needs. 

There will be four more meetings in March, two in April, and one in May, before the final meeting in July. The last day for the District’s Board of Trustees to put a bond on the ballot is August 27. 

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