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Conroe ISD Creates Cell Phone Committee to Evaluate District-Wide Cell Phone Policy

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CONROE, TX – To keep its existing District-wide cell phone policy up-to-date with current technology, Conroe ISD has created a Cell Phone Committee comprised of 53 stakeholders/voting members, including principals, students, administrators, teachers, and counselors. Stakeholders were selected from each of Conroe ISD’s six feeders. The District is also receiving recommendations and input from its School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Mental Health Subcommittee, which has been tasked with researching the effects of cell phone use on youth.

Conroe ISD Cell Phone Police Committee
Photo by Tiffany Marascio, Hello Woodlands.

“Our main goal is to consider the recommendation from the School Health Advisory Council Mental Health subcommittee,” said Dr. Bethany Medford, Deputy Superintendent of Conroe ISD and Cell Phone Policy Committee Chair. “We want to make sure any adjustments to our guidelines address these concerns for our children and ensure our campuses are able to implement the guidelines successfully. Additionally, we are also working to ensure all stakeholders are informed of the process and have an opportunity to give the committee feedback.”

The SHAC Committee presented its findings at the introductory meeting on September 7, 2023. View the presentation here.




The District has separated the evaluation process into grades K-6 and 7-12, to allow for different technology usage at different ages. Parents, guardians, and administrators are sent surveys through their respective schools or through committee members. The answers to these surveys are then evaluated at meetings and questions are updated based on responses.

Conroe ISD’s current policy states:

“The District permits students to possess personal cell phones for safety purposes. Generally these devices must remain turned off during the instructional day, including during all testing, unless they are being used for instructional purposes. The use of any device that has the capability to take pictures or audio or video record is prohibited in locker rooms and restroom areas. These items are also prohibited if used to cheat, audio/video record, or photograph another student or staff member without that person’s permission, or when the use creates a disruption.”

Elementary & Intermediate Student Handbook pg. 34
Secondary Student Handbook pg. 54

There will be a total of five meetings, with the final meeting to be held November 6, 2023. During the process, surveys will continue to be sent out and refined as research is conducted and data collected.

For more information about the committee, visit

Conroe ISD Cell Phone Committee Meeting
The Conroe ISD Cell Phone Policy Committee workshops ideas based on information from a recent survey. Photo by Tiffany Marascio, Hello Woodlands.

SOURCES: Dr. Bethany Medford, Deputy Superintendent of Conroe ISD and Cell Phone Policy Committee Chair, Conroe ISD