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Eclipse-Day Babies at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital

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It was a total eclipse of the melt-your-heart day at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital. While many people were staring upwards at the brightest star in our solar system, new parents were looking down at the bright, shining additions to their families! These eclipse-day babies are pictured sporting sunglasses to commemorate the day. Don’t be blinded by their cuteness! The staff at Memorial Hermann know their futures are so bright, they needed shades!





For the photo with nurses: Amy Chandler, RN holding baby Daniel and Mandy Turman, RN and holding baby Colt – both baby boys were born on August 21, 2017, the day of the solar eclipse, in the Family Birth Center at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital.


Source: Lindsey T. Klingensmith, Memorial Hermann