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Entergy Texas July 9 Updates on Power Restoration

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Read Entergy Texas’s Storm Update for July 9 8:30 p.m. with Estimated Power Restoration Dates here

Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management shared the following update from Entergy Texas on Tuesday, July 9 at 11:58am:

During Hurricane Beryl, Entergy Texas had approximately 372,000 customers impacted.

8:00AM 7/9, Entergy has restored approximately 141,000 customers or 38%.

232,134 remain without power.

Entergy crews and contractors are working around the clock to safely restore power to customers.

Additional mutual aid resources will be arriving on Entergy’s system on Tuesday and Wednesday to help restore power to our communities and customers.

Downed trees and other vegetation remain a top issue for accessing Entergy’s damaged equipment.

Entergy has 900 vegetation workers on the system to help speed up access to damaged equipment for our line workers.

High voltage transmission lines are a priority of the restoration efforts to further strengthen Entergy’s grid stability and ability to serve our customers.

•• Safety is remains top priority – please encourage everyone to stay away from downed power lines!

Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough shared an update on Tuesday, July 9 at 10:15am that sources from Entergy shared that, “Their focus is transmission so they can get their systems up and get the distribution going. They are focusing on the highest concentration of population in order to reach the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time. They believe they will have about 50% of customers up by tomorrow evening, and that by the end of this week Montgomery County should be in pretty good shape overall as it relates to power.” Read the full update here.

Entergy also sent out a text update to customers on July 9 around 11:40am stating: “Entergy Alert – Our damage assessment is ongoing and our lineworkers are working around the clock to safely restore power across the Entergy Texas service area. Right now, we anticipate power being restored to approximately 50% of our impacted customers by end-of-day, Wednesday, July 10th. Our team will continue to provide additional updates as damage assessment is completed.”

The Woodlands Township shared an update on Power Restoration on Tuesday, July 9 11:47am stating: “Entergy and CenterPoint continue their efforts to restore power. We will share information as it is made available. In addition to monitoring the outage websites and signing up for alerts, please follow the providers on social media for additional updates.” Read the full update here.

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Sources: MCOHSEM, Montgomery County Judge Keough, Entergy, The Woodlands Township