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Interval Circuit with 4 Exercises at Fit Club 24

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Join Jen of Hello Woodlands at Fit Club 24 as we learn how to do Interval Circuit training with personal fitness trainer, Alexis Aguilar!

In this Interval Circuit, we learn how to do 4 exercises including push ups, squats, sled push, and ladder drills.

Alexis shared, “The circuit consists of 10 push ups/push up variations, 15 front-loaded squats, 4 sled runs and 4 ladder drill runs. Complete the circuit as fast as possible and record the time in which you finish. Rest for an equal amount of time and repeat the circuit 2+ times. Start cutting down on rest time as you get more advanced eventually resting for half the working time.”

Fit Club 24 is a locally owned and operated, private 24-hour fitness center in The Woodlands! Located just South of Creekside Park on Gosling Road, Fit Club 24 features state of the art cardio equipment, selectorized machines and racks, full free weights area, private showers & bathrooms, towel service, tanning, free wi-fi, and an iPad lounge for the kids. Fit Club 24 is also a Certified ETP Partner with certified personal trainers in multiple fitness areas. Visit the gym at