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Judge Keough: Power Update for Montgomery County

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Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough shared the following update on power for Montgomery County on Wednesday, February 17 at 9:46 a.m.:

Still no update provided by CenterPoint. My office will continue to try to make contact to get an update. Entergy Customers: Power restoration continued through the night and they have a little over 15,000 without power in Montgomery County. Additional Crews are out today working according to them to fix the localized distribution failures which are hampering them restoring power to all homes. Entergy told us they will work through the day and night to restore the network. Their goal is to have everyone up today. Weather could play a factor in this timeline and/or add to their workload if the new ice causes outages or disrupts distribution.

Power generation is restored at the power plants in Willis. Currently Entergy’s regulator has not called for any additional load shed/cutbacks so they don’t expect to resume rolling outages.

I have specifically asked about several areas of the county who have been without power since Sunday. Entergy is working on getting me specific answers to those issues and a timeline. As soon as I have specifics I will provide an update.

Source: Judge Mark Keough