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Meals on Wheels Montgomery County Recognizes Special Seniors

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CONROE, TX – Meals on Wheels Montgomery County (MOWMC) wants to recognize a few remarkable seniors that have touched the lives of the staff and made a difference in the community.

Meals on Wheels Montgomery County Texas

Mrs. Mavis Waters just celebrated her 102nd birthday with husband, George, (101 on June 12 and a Veteran) and Miss Huntsville – Bel Gracie Garcia. Her husband George participated in the most recent Meals on Wheels video. The Walters have been married for 80 years!

Miss Huntsville, Bel Garcia, reached out to President and CEO of MOWMC, to ask if she could visit Mrs. Waters clients for her birthday. When asked to visit through Mrs. Mavis’s daughter Rebecca, she said her mom was not very talkative due to severe dementia, so she was hesitant at first about any visitors. To her daughter’s surprise, Mrs. Waters was talkative, laughing, and enjoying herself. Rebecca commented she had not seen her mom like that in a long time and was very thankful for the visit.

Rebecca said, “I appreciate what Meals on Wheels does to make it possible for my parents to stay in their home. Meals on Wheels is so much are much more than a meal!”




Charles Reed has been a meal delivery volunteer for 35 years for MOWMC. He is 91 years old and hung up his hat May 26th participating in his last delivery. He has a special place in his heart for bringing smiles to seniors and talks with the homebound seniors MOWMC serves.

“I am an avid golfer and when I went out to play one day at the April Sound Golf Club the course was closed so I diverted to use my talents volunteering with Meals On Wheels delivering meals to seniors,” said Mr. Reed. That was 35 years ago! “I don’t really want to stop volunteering, but thought at 91 years old, I was supposed to stop.” Mr. Reed is over 30 years older than a lot of the clients he delivers meals to weekly. He is also a retired Navy Veteran who served 34 years for our country.

There is so much more than just a meal at MOWMC. It is livelihood for seniors, a way of serving others in the community, and a relationship over the years both with staff and those seniors who receive the meals. Physical weekly wellness check-ins by volunteers are vital to the homebound seniors to ensure sure they are healthy physically, emotionally, and holistically. It is a win-win for everyone.




Get involved with Meals on Wheels Montgomery County. Each $125 dollars donated feeds a senior for an entire month. Did you know MOWMC can deliver meals to a homebound senior for an entire year lower than the cost of one day in a hospital or ten days in a nursing home? Donate online at

Volunteers are needed to help with delivering meals, events, prepare mailings, and assist with program needs. Start a food drive, decorate breakfast bags, create personalized birthday cards, or host an office workday at the Meals on Wheels office. Email Lisa Varholy at or view for details.

Since 1973, MOWMC has had a successful history of delivering meals to local homebound seniors, delivering 31,000 meals monthly. Volunteers deliver meals along ninety routes throughout the 1,000 square miles of Montgomery County. Additionally, MOWMC’s curb-to-curb transportation service provides more than 17,000 rides to the disabled and seniors annually. With a mission to foster independence and maintain the dignity of each homebound senior by providing nutritious meals, transportation, and caring connections, MOWMC can always use additional volunteers and donations. More information about Meals on Wheels Montgomery County can be found at or on the Facebook page: