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Montgomery County increases to 41 Positive COVID-19 Cases

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On March 26, 2020 at 3:25pm, Montgomery County Public Health District confirmed Montgomery County now has 41 positive cases of COVID-19, an increase of 10 from yesterday.

As MCPHD continue to takes on new cases, they are implementing a new way of presenting the information that is more user-friendly for mass numbers. Zip codes of each case are now available and cases will be updated daily by 3:00 p.m. on the MCPHD website at

The current CDC recommendation is that the majority of people who contract this virus can successfully recover at home.If you start experiencing symptoms which include coughing, fever and shortness of breath, and they become severe – contact your healthcare provider. The CDC believes that symptoms of COVID-19 may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 days after exposure.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Montgomery County

13/10/20Male40-4977356 (Montgomery)Confirmed (community spread)
23/12/20Female40-4977382 (Spring)Confirmed (travel-related)
33/12/20Male40-4977356 (Montgomery)Confirmed (travel-related)
43/14/20Female40-4977356 (Montgomery)Recovered
53/17/20Male50-5977380 (The Woodlands)Confirmed (travel-related)
63/18/20Male40-4977382 (Spring)Confirmed (travel-related)
73/18/20Female60-6977316 (Montgomery)Confirmed (community spread)
83/19/20Female40-4977385 (Conroe)Confirmed (travel-related)
93/19/20Male50-5977382 (Spring)Confirmed (community spread)
103/20/20Female50-5977365 (Porter)Confirmed (community spread)
113/20/20Male90-9977382 (Spring)Confirmed (community spread)
123/20/20Male50-5977382 (Spring)Confirmed (travel-related)
133/21/20Female30-3977316 (Montgomery)Confirmed (community spread)
143/22/20Female40-4977381 (Spring)Confirmed (travel-related)
153/22/20Male40-4977303 (Conroe)Confirmed (community spread)
163/23/20Female13-1977385 (Conroe)Confirmed (travel-related)
173/23/20Female20-2977316 (Montgomery)Confirmed (community spread)
183/23/20Male50-5977380 (The Woodlands)Confirmed (travel-related)
193/23/20Male60-6977447 (Hockley)Confirmed (travel-related)
203/24/20Male30-3977382 (The Woodlands)Confirmed (travel-related)
213/24/20Female60-6977303Confirmed (community spread)
223/24/20Female30-3977301 (Conroe)Confirmed (community spread)
233/24/20Male50-5977382 (Spring)Confirmed (travel-related)
243/25/20Female30-3977365 (Porter)Confirmed (community spread)
253/25/20Male40-4977386 (Spring)Confirmed (community spread)
263/25/20Female80-8977382 (Spring)Confirmed (community spread)
273/25/20Male50-5977380 (Shenandoah)Confirmed (under investigation)
283/25/20Male50-5977382 (The Woodlands)Confirmed (travel-related)
293/25/20Male50-5977382 (The Woodlands)Confirmed (travel-related)
303/25/20Male60-6977303 (Conroe)Confirmed (community spread)
313/25/20Female40-4977380 (The Woodlands)Confirmed (travel-related)
323/26/20Female60-6977382 (Spring)Confirmed (under investigation)
333/26/20Male40-4977365 (Porter)Confirmed (under investigation)
343/26/20Male40-4977362 (Pinehurst)Confirmed (under investigation)
353/26/20Female40-4977356 (Montgomery)Confirmed (community spread)
363/26/20Female40-4977356 (Montgomery)Confirmed (community spread)
373/26/20Male30-3977384 (Conroe)Confirmed (under investigation)
383/26/20Male50-5977388 (Spring)Confirmed (under investigation)
393/26/20Male60-6977385 (Conroe)Confirmed (travel-related)
403/26/20Male40-4977316 (Montgomery)Confirmed (travel-related)
413/26/20Male40-4977382 (Spring)Confirmed (under investigation)

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Source: Montgomery County Public Health District