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Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson stands ready to assist in Border Crisis

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On June 28, 2021, Governor Greg Abbott issued a statewide call for jailers across the state to assist border sheriffs with operating detention facilities and providing jail beds for those arrested for state charges related to the border crisis. Sheriff Rand Henderson, in an effort to best serve the citizens of our great State, has agreed to answer the Governor’s call by sending resources to the border if needed.

Sheriff Rand Henderson states, “The crisis at the border affects more than just those citizens who live along the border, but also the victims of human and drug trafficking organizations. Additionally, criminal entities have exploited this crisis to further their illicit activities. Recent changes to border policy have created a dangerous environment for all the citizens of the State of Texas.”

Sheriff Henderson realizes that those individuals who are not detained, processed, or held accountable in a timely manner pose a threat to residents of Montgomery and surrounding counties. Sheriff Rand Henderson and his leadership are currently working on the specifics on how to best serve the mission at the border.

Source: Scott Spencer, Lieutenant, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Administrative Services