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Strong Odor near Sterling Pond community

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THE WOODLANDS, TX – The Woodlands Township has received statements from The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency and the San Jacinto River Authority regarding complaints from residents in the Sterling Pond area of The Woodlands. Please see statements below.

The following is a statement from James M. Stinson, PE, general manager of The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency (WJPA):

“During the past two nights, several residents in the Sterling Pond area of The Woodlands have reported strong odors, similar to those associated with wastewater treatment and collection systems. The WJPA, which manages the underground wastewater collection system in The Woodlands, has reviewed its system of underground pipes and found no blockages or overflows. The San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA), which operates and maintains above-ground wastewater treatment facilities in The Woodlands, continues to work to identify the source of the odors. The WJPA staff is standing by to assist The Woodlands division of the SJRA as it continues to investigate the source of the odors at the treatment plant and elsewhere.”

San Jacinto River Authority: Odor Complaint at Wastewater Treatment Facility No. 2

“A small number of odor complaints were received today from residents of the Sterling Pond area in The Woodlands. Sterling Pond is located in the vicinity of SJRA Wastewater Treatment Facility No. 2 (WWTF No. 2) just off of Research Forest Drive. There are also several wastewater collection lines that run underground throughout this area. SJRA staff and representatives of the Woodlands Joint Powers Agency and Montgomery County Health Department met onsite today and inspected both the treatment plant and the collection system and detected no significant or unusual odors. Based on the inspection of the plant and collection system and the time of day that the odor complaints were reported, SJRA staff have concluded that the reported odor was not caused by any malfunction or operational issues within the system. It is not unusual for wastewater treatment plants to receive odor complaints on very cold days in certain weather conditions. Due to the sporadic nature of these events, it is not always possible to identify the source, but SJRA staff will continue investigating and remain onsite to address any odors that may be detected. Although it exceeds the state’s requirements for wastewater facilities, SJRA has for years utilized biofilters and odor masking agents at its wastewater plants in The Woodlands. A new odor masking system was recently installed at WWTF No. 2, and the vendor will be onsite Thursday, January 25th, to make adjustments to the system to disperse additional volumes of odor masking agents.”