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SJRA Begins Temporary Seasonal Lake Lowering

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The San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) will slowly begin lowering Lake Conroe today with the goal of reaching elevation 200 feet msl by August 15th. The lake is currently at elevation 200.61.

Lake Conroe operators have established a protocol for the release that takes into account evaporative losses as well as raw water being used by customers.  The lake level is currently declining at a rate of roughly two inches per week due to evaporation and normal water use, therefore we do not foresee the need for a significant release in order to achieve the 200 msl milestone.

This is a TEMPORARY strategy that is intended to provide flood mitigation while the US Army Corp of Engineers’ (USACE) emergency dredging project is completed. The USACE’s dredging contractor began mobilizing in July and the current estimate is that the dredging project will be completed in nine months.

There is a chance that the watershed will receive some rain in the next 30 days.  As dry as it has been, it will be difficult to predict how any additional rainfall will actually affect lake levels, however, Lake Conroe operators will adjust release rates taking into account rainfall and evaporative losses.

All releases from the dam, including for seasonal lowering, can be monitored by visiting SJRA’s home page at



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