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SJRA continues normal storm preparations

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The San Jacinto River Authority shared the following update on August 24 at 4:24 p.m.

According to the National Weather Service Tropical Storm Marco is weakening quickly and is not expected to have major impacts to Texas. The center of Marco expected to make landfall in southeast Louisiana tonight.
Tropical Storm Laura is expected to strengthen into a hurricane beginning Tuesday as it tracks toward southeast Texas. It is forecast to make landfall somewhere between southeast Texas and south-central Louisiana. We continue to watch Laura closely as the magnitude of impacts are highly dependent upon the exact track of the storm.

San Jacinto River Authority operating divisions continue their normal storm preparations including implementing 24-hour work schedules, testing all equipment, positioning generators and fuel, and activating our reservoir operations center. Right now the projected totals of rainfall in the Lake Conroe watershed are very low.

Lake Conroe remains more than one foot low and there are no reservoir releases at this time.

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Despite recent changes in the forecast tracks for Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical Storm Marco, it is still important to be weather aware and monitor both systems closely. 

“We will stay on top of the weather throughout the week, and we urge the public to follow their local offices of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and to check SJRA social media channels and website for the most up-to-date information,” said SJRA General Manager Jace Houston.
Be prepared and follow your local office of emergency management (MCOHSEM and ReadyHarris) for the latest information for your area. 

For real-time Lake Conroe reservoir information, please visit

Source: San Jacinto River Authority