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Texas Association of Business fighting for advocacy and new jobs

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On Wednesday, October 4, the Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership (EDP) held their Quarterly Partner Luncheon at The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center. Over 100 partners and guests heard from Jeff Moseley, Chief Executive Officer of the Texas Association of Business (TAB).

TAB is the largest business association in Texas, representing over 2800 businesses, from major corporations to small start-ups. Combined those businesses employ over 2.5 million Texans and drive the economic engine of the state. As the state chamber of commerce, TAB is the most influential and dominant voice for public policy issues affecting business in Texas.

After commending the recent developments of the tax code reform and overhaul, Moseley addressed the need to market Texas as a top competitor in the nation.

“We’ve all go a lot of work to do to preserve the Texas miracle.” Moseley stated. “We need to use every tool available to keep up with the tsunami of growth.” Moseley continued by sharing the TAB’s dedication for working with businesses, communities, and the opportunities ahead to bring jobs to Texas reminding the audience that “Arrogance can cost a lot if we don’t work hard to bring in new jobs.”

Moseley divulged upcoming concepts brought to the board of TAB in order to better serve communities and businesses, including:

  1. An open litigation center providing services and business friendly rulings, offering a template to review and act as the plaintiff on behalf of a business.
  2. An economic business job center to work closely with groups like EDP to fight for high paying jobs and bring resources.
  3. Advocacy to aggressively protect the Association’s pro-Texas, pro-jobs philosophy with means to accept monetary support from corporations, back campaigns to further causes, and take action.

Moseley emphasized the need to promote the greater good of Texas business and communities through public policy and direct advocacy at the state and federal levels by actively working to protect and promote the interest Texas Business through the courts.

EDP’s Gil Staley, EDP Chairman Heidi Carney, and TBA’s Jeff Moseley

Gil Staley, CEO of The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership, said, “We are fortunate that Jeff took the time to visit our community and offer his straightforward remarks on TAB’s advocacy efforts for our state’s employers. His principal message was simple, grow jobs and paychecks, which is the pure essence of economic development. His remarks were well received by our attendees, evident by the number who stayed after the conclusion to visit with our speaker.”

For the past twelve years, the EDP has held their luncheons for Partners in order to keep them informed of important issues facing businesses today.  Past topics have included Economic Development, Regionalism, State of Education, Law Enforcement Update, Center for Houston’s Future Scenarios 2040, Anadarko’s Current and Future Projects, State Economic Development and Tourism, Banking Executives Update, Life Science Update, State of our Economy, Local Tourism and Healthcare.

Special thank you to Richmond Realty RE/MAX The Woodlands & Spring for having the Hello Woodlands as your guest at the EDP Luncheon!